Lesson 7: Stamping with a Medium Stamp

For this lesson we are going to use a medium sized stamp. Medium sized stamps are a few inches across, but they are large enough that it can be difficult to get the whole image stamped clearly. With this technique, you should be able to stamp any medium stamp clearly and crisply.


First, start with a well inked stamp, remember to hold it to the light and make sure the whole image is shiny. To stamp, you will need both hands. With one hand, firmly hold the sides of the stamp -this hand will keep the stamp in place so the image won’t smudge. The other hand will be used to press the top of the stamp.With your “pressing hand” firmly press over the top of the whole stamp, moving your fingers from place to place until you have pressed over the whole top of the stamp. In the photo above, I am only applying pressure with the tips of my fingers. Remember to keep the stamp in place with your other hand while you press.
If you press over the whole stamp, you should come out with a clear image. This technique takes practice so use some scratch paper for your first couple of times. If there are places that don’t get stamped enough, the stamp is either not inked enough or not pressed enough. Notice the top corner of the heart on the right side of the paper -there is an uninked gap. I just didn’t press well enough on that corner of the stamp 🙂

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