Lesson 9: Pigment Vs Dye Ink


The two most common types of ink for rubber stamping are Pigment ink and Dye ink. They are different and have different uses. It is important that you have the correct type of ink for your project so that you get the look you want. There are other types of ink including chalk ink and solvent ink, but right now we are going to focus on pigment and dye inks.

Dye ink is a water based ink that is what most people think of when they think of ink for stamping. It is thin and dries almost instantly.
Dye ink is used for stamping on lighter colored papers because the color “dyes” the paper and the ink will only show up correctly on lighter colored paper. Dye ink is most commonly used if not embossing since it is so easy to work with and it dries almost instantly.

Pigment ink is a thick, almost paintlike ink. It is super slow drying and sometimes doesn’t dry at all without being heat set (using the heat gun to dry the stamped image).
Pigment ink is better when stamping on dark colored papers because the ink will show up since the ink sits on the surface of the paper.
Pigment ink is also the ink you use for embossing. When using pigment ink, you can use clear embossing powder to emboss if you want the ink color to show up.
When Pigment ink dries, sometimes you can feel the ink raised up on the paper slightly.

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