Ribbon Organizer!!

My dear fiance, Johnny made this for me yesterday:

I had this exact idea in my head, but he made it reality! We got all the parts at Home Depot. I just love the way it turned out.

The dowels are resting on little tracks on the side of the oeganizer so that I can adjust the shelves to different heights depending on the ribbon spool sizes.

Here is the look at the back of it:

I took one row off so you could see the tracks better:
I told Johnny that he could open a business selling ribbon organizers! It looks so great I am just blown away by it.

There was way more ribbon in my containers than I had realized. I must have been in ribbon denial because I honestly thought that I would only have half of the shelves full of ribbon. I was definitely mistaken! I actually have a bunch more loose or off the spool ribbons left and I got rid of like 10 spools of ribbon I no longer wanted. . . My name is Samantha and I am addicted to Ribbon!

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11 thoughts on “Ribbon Organizer!!

  1. Ok I admit I am a closet Ribbon addict….I have two big underbed storage containers full of ribbons…Ok it is out in the open now….so now I am going to have to have one of your organisers made…ok it has to be lots wider than yours….Oh man the cat is really out of the bag now!!!!! Fabulous idea..best idea i have seen

  2. Ohhh! I want one, I want one! Oh wait I have no room to display my ribbon, oh well I guess it will have to stay stashed in a drawer. Great holder, now you can see and use all you have.

  3. This is Fabulous. Did he have to put those tracks on there himself or did you purchase the wood with those on there? He could definitely sell these. :o) Great job and LUCKY YOU!!!

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