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Sorry to be so short with the IBCC yesterday. I am going to go back and add more info to it (including the vet story, LOL). Click here to go to the IBCC post yesterday. I got a monster migraine right in the middle of typing and seriously had to run to the bathroom because I was so nauseated. It was not pretty!! I usually have an “aura” which means I can totally tell when I am about to get a migraine (I happen to get visual stuff in the form of psychedelic, kaleidoscope looking colors, metallic looking squiglies, and I actually lose my sense of sight for a time plus numb face, tongue, and arms), but I got absolutely no warning this time. This is my 3rd migraine of the week and frankly, I am SICK of it! I am still fighting with the darn insurance company about getting the botox injections again. URGH!! I say this not to gross you out or to get pity, but to show other migraineurs, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Now enough of that! Here is LO #4 from my July Vintage Plum kit. I have a ton of supplies left from my July kit so I have a lot more scrapping to get done with it before August.


  • This LO is of photos of my as a child. I was making biscuits with my grandma here. Many of my happy childhood memories are of when I was helping to cook. I love cooking still to this day.
  • All supplies except for the paint (for the large bracket) and ink (for the vanilla colored cardstock) are from the Vintage Plum kit. If you haven’t ordered a kit from Vintage Plum, I highly recommend doing so. Their kits are fabulous.
  • The large bracket is a raw chipboard shape, but I painted it with Ranger Crackle paint. I love this stuff because you just paint like with regular paint and it crackles on its own. There is only one step!
  • TIP: Go Thick! The crackle paint is meant to be painted on thick. If you paint too thin of a layer, the crackles will be so tiny you won’t really see them. The thicker you go, the better your cracks will look.
  • The ink I used for the vanilla cardstock was Stampin’ UP Riding Hood Red ink (In Color 08-09, now retired). I just brushed the ink pad right across the edges to create a little color.
  • TIP: For a more subtle inked edge, use a Stampin’ UP sponge dauber. These fit on your index finger and you just move the dauber across the edge of the edge of the paper by flicking your finger so you just touch the edge of the paper. Personally, I like a more “in your face” type of inked edge so I just take my ink pad and rub it across the edges. LOL

Here are some close-up shots. Click on the images to see a larger view.
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2 thoughts on “Chef in Training LO

  1. Love this layout-it’s so cute! sorry about the migraines. I get them too but not that often. But I do get those lovely auras that blind me for a while and when I do, I know there’s pain coming.

  2. Fun, fun page! And I also suffer from migraines, and you can’t even begin to explain it to a non-sufferer. The pain is tremendous, I end up throwing up most of the time from it, I too lose part of my vision and you just want the world to stop! I darken my room, and lay with an icepack, but even with the door shut I can hear my clock in the living room ticking (I can’t even hear it in that room without a migraine), and it seems so loud you just cry! I am there with you. I don’t get them as often as you (anymore that is, after having kids, I went from a couple a week, to now I only get one or two bad ones a month). I hope you can do the injections again if that’s what you want! I don’t take anything now as they aren’t as frequent as they used to be. I hope yours get better, too!

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