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Alright ladies (and gents), I need a little help. I am wanting to have a gallery slideshow type thing that I can have inserted into the SPCC blog. How would I go about doing this?

I want free and easy to do. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment here!! Thanks in advance.

Don’t forget, SPCC #5 is still going on until Sunday night, scroll down to view this week’s color combo.

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18 thoughts on “Help needed

  1. I have blogger and just use simple lil’ ol’ photobucket – I upload my pics there, make my slideshow, tag my photos and the post to my blog – one site, one account, one minute in the day saved!

  2. I have blogger too and I found the best tools to be and Both are easy to use, free, and come with a lot of great features/tools! Hope it helps.

  3. I second the flikr or other photo website galleries and then putting it on the sidebar with blogger’s “slideshow” gadget. YOu could have people upload the current week’s l/o to the SPCC gallery and tag it with that week’s code, such as SPCC5. Then you can have different slideshow gadgets on your sidebar for specific galleries, such as “this week”, “last week”, etc. and then a blurb about see previous week’s at “XXX”.

  4. I was going to throw out my suggestion about flikr (that’s what I use on my sidebar – using the “slideshow” gadget on blogger) but I see it’s already been suggested multiple times. So I guess I’m seconding that suggestion. You can have people upload their pics to flikr to the SPCC account and then have them “tag” their photo with the current week’s code, such as SPCC5. Then, add a slideshow gadget to your sidebar using that tag. You could run just the current & previous week’s slideshows or more at once. And, then just note to see prior weeks’ slideshows to go to the flikr account. (I’m sure it works the same with other photo sites, too.)

  5. If you log onto Blogger and then layout, at the top of your page it says – add a gadget, click this and it takes you to all the things you can add to your blog and a slideshow is one of them. Hope this helps

  6. I have two options for you. The first is there is a widget on blogger for a slide show, it is basic and you can use the picasa gallery for it. The other is which has more options and can be used with blogger. Let me know if you want more info on either.

  7. Samantha, what about a Photobucket slideshow? That’s what is at the bottom of my blog. If you do that, DON’T do Photobucket’s slideshow instructions. In blogger, go to add gadgets, and then there’s a place to add a slideshow and do it that way. If you do want to do it that way & have any questions or need any more help, email me (or post a comment on my last blog post). i’ll check both.

  8. Hi, Samantha! Since you’re on Blogger, go to the customize feature on your page and click “add a gadget.” Part way down, you will see “Slideshow.” With that, you can choose a group of photos from Picasa, Flickr or other sources and it does the rest. Hope this helps! -Julie

  9. Hi samantha,
    You can use phtobucket or flickr to upload pics. In other groups you pick a tag name and then players tag there photos when uploading. The tags are so you can gather up the photos. Hope this helps.

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