Hit The Wall


Here is a photo of my messy scrap table. I like seeing what others have going on so I thought I would post this one just for fun. On my table, I have baggies, the Stampin’ UP catalog, my new Coordinates Collections scrapbook kits for July, Thickers, new Stampin’ UP patterned paper, my Stamp-a-ma-jig. . . and a bunch of scraps and odds and ends.

DO you ever have so many things going on that you just hit the wall??? LOL

Finally, after two whole weeks of being in the bed, I was able to be up today! I am starting to feel well enough to move around thanks to my new set of migraine meds. I shall refer to these new pills as Stupid Pills because they are known to have horrible cognitive side effects.. . . er. . . what was I talking about. . . HA HA Just kidding!! They haven’t started working that well yet! In all seriousness, please send out good thoughts so the Stupid Pills don’t actually make me too stupid :O)

Well all day I was going and going, just churning along, making up for my two weeks in the bed, awfully proud of my accomplishments, and now that I am finally ready to venture into the scrap room, EVERYONE in my house decides to take a nap and now I am stuck out of the scrap room, for who knows who much longer!! AHHH! I must be patient!

SO here is my list of busy duties I have been working on today:

  • organizing my upcoming color combos for SPCC
  • getting sponsors lined up for upcoming challenges
  • trying to decide on the SPCC design team
  • getting the dt blog set up
  • planning dt duties
  • eating lunch
  • playing with the pups
  • working on ideas for next week’s celebration
  • planning next week’s stamp a stack
  • watching a movie with Johnny
  • helping my 3 brand new Inkalicious Divas!! It rocks to be a demonstrator (I will welcome them soon! I love you girls!!)
  • packaging paper kits
  • emailing everyone in the world (ok maybe not, but I have been emailing a bunch)
  • and. . . I still need to clean off my messy table, shown above!

I have an organizational tip of sorts for you. I will be working on my Stamptivity challenge (it’s a fun one!!) later today if I am ever permitted back into the scraproom. :O)

I will admit it, I am a scrap keeper. I keep scraps of cardstock and patterned paper, but I store them separately. . . This is how I store my cardstock. it is kind of a chaotically organized mess!

Why would you want to store scraps of cardstock, you ask?? Well let me tell you. . .

  • so you are environmentally friendly
  • so you have cardstock ready to stamp on
  • to use for punches
  • to use for small parts on cards and projects
  • to save money (this stuff adds up)

This is one of the Sterilite containers that I often rave about. These are the greatest little containers. I use them for storing my stamps and pretty much anything that I can fit into them. We have these containers in our kitchen, bathroom, car, closets. . . everywhere LOL.

This is the small size. It is perfect for fitting on my standard size shelf units (3 small containers per row) Anyway, so I get these at Target and about every season, Target will have different colors!!! This summer they have offered this Kiwi Kiss type color and a bright blue. I also have many white ones, which are the standard color and I got some burgundy colored ones last winter.

My storing tip is basically just shove all the cardstock you can possibly fit into the container! LOL NO NO don’t do that. . . LOL I put the smaller sized scraps into plastic baggies sorted by color and then I have the taller pieces of the same color stacked behind the plastic baggies. A lot of the time, I put the scraps in one by one so most of them are unsorted.

When it is time to make a card or a project, I just set this little container on my scrap desk and dig through it before cutting through any new sheets of cardstock. It only takes an extra second to look, but I feel like I am saving a tree so to me it is totally worth it.

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6 thoughts on “Hit The Wall

  1. Wow, you’ve been super-busy! I’m glad you are up and around. I hope you will be headache free now. I like your storage methods. I save scraps too. They come in handy. I’ll have to take a few pictures of my storage.

  2. I’m a major scrap saver too. I just donated all of my non-stampin up scraps to my kids school. The art teacher was happy to get them.

    You have been busy, busy, busy. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Samantha, Samantha, Samantha…don’t try to play the “environmentally friendly” card. We all know the truth. You, my dear invisible friend are a full up Paper Ho! (ROTFL!!!! I could not resist! Only because I am one myself. Quite frankly, I see it as a term of endearment.)

    Hope you accomplish all you want to today!! 🙂 I have 12 loads of laundry on my list…as well as dinner, playing catch with the kid…then hope to get some scrappin’ in tonight.

  4. *Jaw to the floor*

    I am so anal about being organized, it would probably make you sick! LOL. I should take pictures of my room… though, I’d probably be put away because everything has a label on it!

    I actually re-did my scrap paper organization today and labeled (lol) 9 different clear 12×12 envelopes (1 for each color) to store all the little guys in!

    Ps: I always keep saying there is never enough hours in the day lol. If you need help with anything, let me know! I’m always around 🙂

  5. Wow! Busy day! I feel like I’ve been going-going-going, too, and am having a hard time getting over my wall. Hoping to bust it down tonight!

    I keep all my colored scraps sorted in hanging folders by color groups and my neutrals in a big pile next to my table so I can just reach over and grab something to stamp on real quick! Any patterned paper scraps stay with the rest of their kind if they’re from kits/collections.

  6. Wow…you have been a busy beaver today! I haven’t been so busy, but I am scrappiung tonight! Love the containers for scraps! Might have to go get some of those! Thanks so much for the tip!

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