Hoarders Anonymous

Well, not so anonymous anymore!!! I have some photos to share with you today and I will be posting a new project tomorrow. Today is a “lighter day” at SP because we’ve had a very traumatic day. We have 5 (YES FIVE) dogs and today was day one of the yearly checkups. We took Snow, Emma, and Skyeler to the vet today and Bella and Mya go tomorrow. It was two hours of NO FUN! And tomorrow will be just as crazy and hectic. They don’t enjoy going AT ALL (especially Emma after all her visits when she broke her leg).

Let me just add, I have purchased very few items since the beginning of June and I am trying very hard not to purchase ANYTHING for quite a while. My mom has a purse, shoes, and clothing hoarding problem (and a QVC watching problem) so she and I have made a bet recently.

We made a bet that we would not purchase ANYTHING related to our hoarding problems and the first one two break is a big fat LOSER and has to pay the other one $25! HA HA, anyway, I am sooooo going to win this!

Now let me share my hoarding problem with you:
Eyelets and Brads: these containers are full of eyelets and brads! I have recently reorganized the containers so I have similar themes and types together. Then the sides of the boxes are labeled so I know where everything is FINALLY!

Scissor wall. . . and I never even use any of them! (These are going to have to go and I would like to get punches hung on the wall instead). Stamps. . . there are about 8-9 stamp sets per container on the shelf.

Buttons! enough said. . .

Cricut cartridges! Some of these actually have 2 cartridges in a box because I have the “solutions” cartridges that don’t come in binders.

Cardstock…there is more in one of the photos below.

THICKERS!!!! One of my fave addictions! I counted them. . . 86 PACKS! WHOA am I crazy?!!?

I have other alpha packs in the photos as well.

Ink. . .Notice next to the ink there are MORE stamp sets sitting on the desk.


Glitter and embossing powder. Love it!

I rearranged this shelf so it is completely full of patterned paper and cardstock. I will have to get a new photo.

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13 thoughts on “Hoarders Anonymous

  1. Lol, I’m so happy every time someone else admits they are hoarders. Even though I craft a lot, like you, I still have tons of stuff. Everything looks so nicely organized!

  2. Wow! I feel so much better about my overstocked room now. I don’t know anybody who loves scrapbooking that doesn’t love collecting scrapbooking supplies. My mother has one room and a large pantry that grew into two rooms, the pantry and a closet. I like the way you are storing your Stickles. Think I may do something like that too. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea. :~)

  3. Alright, who let you into my room to take pictures:) I love your organization. I keep changing the way I want to organize my stuff. I need it all out at the same time to see what I have so I can use it, but don’t have the space. Someday I will have wall to wall shelves for all my stuff.

  4. Last night I decided to reorganize my paper and I almost choked when I put it all together and saw how much I had. I definitely need to be cut off or get a bigger house lol.

    PS: got my catalog in last night!! yay:)

  5. OK—I am laughing because I have seen this, but it still amazes me! I thought I had lots of stuff! LOL Yours is much more organized! Maybe one day!

    Glad the dogs are doing well! Good luck tomorrow!

  6. OK, I knew we both had hoarding problems but WHOA – EIGHTY-SIX packets of Thickers?!! I am soooo jealous of your Stickles board. I’m telling you, you should start selling them. I despise trying to shake the glue down everytime I want to use my Stickles.

    It’s quite a traumatic time for us, too when the pups go to the vet. Mostly because they’ve been there too many times in the last couple years with various problems. My little girl puppy has Autoimmune hemolytic anemia which means she underwent MONTHS of semi-weekly visits with shots and icky meds. She’s got it under control now but she hates the vet, of course. And then the last time Stinky went in for his visit he ended up SEVENTEEN teeth lighter, so, no, he’s no fan, either. The things we do for our furry babies!!

  7. You are even worse than me! A month before my son was to get married, I redid his room into a craft room. But it’s a small room, so now the stash is spilling into the living room. It’s like a toxic spill!

  8. Thanks for sharing, ROFL must be something to do with the name, started with a small box of stash, expanded to the corner of dining room, took over utility room, now waiting for one of the kids to leave home so I can have their bedrom!!!
    Sam x

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