IBCC #24 & Vet story

Today was day two of the vet visits for our dogs. I have the story below.

IBCC stands for Idea Book & Catalog Challenge. The IBC challenges are intended to get everyone thinking about the Stampin’ UP catalog as an idea book and not only a catalog (since it is intended to be BOTH). The Idea Book & Catalogs are all filled with great sample projects which you can use as inspiration for many different types of projects.


  • Stamps: Season of Friendship
  • Paper: Chocolate Chip, Rich Razzleberry, and Very Vanilla cardstock
  • Inks: Chocolate chip, Rich Razzleberry, Pale Plum and So Saffron classic ink pads
  • Accessories: Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla Taffeta ribbons, Stampin’ Dimensionals
  • For this project, they used the Stampin’ Dimensionals to add dimension by cutting out the flowers and then attaching them to the tree with them. It is hard to tell in the photo, but you can kinda see it.

This card is from the brand new Idea Book & Catalog 09-10 that came out this month. I am soooooo glad to say that Season of Friendship stamp set is in the new catalog!!!! YIPPEE! This is one of my favorite sets of all time and I have a few projects still to show you using this set. I didn’t want to share them until I knew that the set was still available or not because I have been asked about this stamp set a bunch of times.

Use this card as your inspiration for your project this week. Be sure to leave me a comment with a link to your project so I can see it. I may just showcase your project on my blog!

Now on to some light entertainment! Today was day TWO of the vet visits. Lemme tell you, I thought day 1 was bad. . . Well it was NOTHING compared to day two! It was AWFUL!!! Today, Bella and Mya went to get their yearly check ups and shots. Well we knew Mya would be bad because she has been acting up the last two years at the vet office. Bella has been our good little angel at the vet every year. Every year, they always compliment Bella because she is such a good girl. Well that all changed!! They were both awful. We are complete idiots for taking two dogs at once to the vet. We walk in, and there are two dogs already in the waiting room. So Bella and Mya both start barking. Bella is a husky so she doesn’t actually “bark”. Huskies do a yodel/talking sort of sound. Mya is barking and Bella is basically screaming. AND OF COURSE the other idiots in the waiting room are sitting right beside the door so our dogs are going crazy and we are trying to hold them back.

They call us back very quickly because of all the commotion LOL. So we get to the waiting room and they are both being quiet and after a bit, the vet comes in with the vet tech. They put Bella on the table ready to draw some blood. Bella is standing on the table, the vet reaches for her arm and Bella goes completely psycho, starts screaming bloody murder, flailing, trying to jump off the table and when the vet tech grabs her to try to calm her down, she gets even worse and ends up releasing her glands (if you don’t know, dogs have anal glands similar to skunks and they can release this nasty smelling goo if provoked, it is not pleasant). Mind you, the vet hasn’t done ANYTHING except touch her arm! All the while, Mya starts barking and trying to get at the vet tech who is holding her sister, Bella.

You would have thought that they were trying to kill Bella because of the way she reacted. Finally, Bella calms down after what seems like an eternity, and the vet draws the blood with no problems at all. Bella makes all this commotion because she was touched and then doesn’t even react when the blood is actually drawn!!! By this point, I am completely embarrassed probably red in the face. Johnny and I are just looking at eachother in disbelief at what we had just seen our baby do! It was so unexpected because Bella is usually the dog who wags her tail the whole time and acts happy the whole visit.

Then it is Mya’s turn. We already are prepared for her to act badly. Bella by this point is sitting next to Johnny. Mya is on the table about ready to have her blood taken. As soon as the vet tech and the vet come near Mya, Bella starts whining and screaming. Mya is already about ready to lose it and they try to get Mya in position but Mya goes crazy and ends up peeing all over the place as she is fighting with the vet tech. Bella is whining the whole time. Johnny is trying to calm Bella down but she is just getting louder. The vet politely asks Bella and I to leave the room because Bella is just making everything worse. Bella and I go to the waiting room which has even more people than before! She continues to whine and by this point, her hair is falling out and I am covered in dog hair. Every time I pet her, hair just flies off. My face is still warm from all the embarrassment and everyone and their brother in the waiting room tries to talk to me about huskies. It was so embarrassing!!! We got kicked out of the vet room.

When we get to leave, Johnny proceeds to tell me that Mya was awful and ends up pooping and releasing her glads all over the place as well. Mya is all nasty, covered in her own junk, and so when we got home we had to give her a bath immediately. Now, it is a day later, and I am still recovering emotionally from the traumatic day at the vets office! Looking back, I can laugh at everything, but man oh man I was sooooo embarrassed being there with them acting like crazy animals. Thankfully, all 5 of our babies are perfectly healthy girls. After two exhausting days of vet visits, I am so glad we don’t have to go through it all again until next year! LOL

Hope you enjoyed it 😛

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