Gun Slingers Layout

And that means Vintage Plum has a new kit!! I am loving this kit and best of all, it is named. . . Cherry Pie!!!! HA HA I love it :O)

Anyway, onto the good stuff. . . here is my first LO for the big reveal. I already have 3 other LO’s made from this kit and there is still a bunch of stuff to make more LO’s with.

  • This is one of those fun old timey photos. I love getting these done and I hope to have some done again some time. This one was taken when Johnny and I were still in high school.
  • I tried to make the background paper look like old timey bar doors, but I don’t know if I actually pulled it off. Johnny wasn’t really convinced so now I am doubting myself LOL
  • TIP: Cut your shaped patterned paper for a neat effect. The doors were made from one single shaped patterned paper, just cut in half.
  • EVERYTHING came with this great July Vintage Plum kit, except the red eyelets on the journaling bookplate. Order your kit today at
  • TIP: for the title, work backwards! For the “Gun” part of the title, I wanted to make sure that it lined up with the edge of the door, so I started by placing the letter “N” and working backwards so I had enough room for my title. I often place my alphas backwards like that to ensure I get the alphas where I want them.

And I do have a LO ready for Cricut Wednesday, I just didn’t feel well enough to get it added yesterday (darn migraines!). I will get it posted in a moment.

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