Back To School Announcements

Hello all,

I have a few announcements for you real quick!

I am a college student and this will be my last year THANK GOODNESS!! I was supposed to graduate last semester, but I decided to stay an extra year so I could get a double major (so now I am a Psychology major in addition to a Biochemistry major!! YAY!)

I start back coming up on Wednesday so I will be making a few changes around here. My school schedule shouldn’t be too rigorous, BUT I am also working part time at Joann’s AND running my SU business because I have to pay for this year of school (partially, thankfully my mom is helping me out too). My scholarships ran out at the end of last year since it was my 4th year.

ANYWAY, (notice I tend to ramble??) on to some little announcements:

  • I have been working “overtime” this last week to get ahead on some projects because I will be going back to pre-scheduling many of my normal blog post segments. So starting THIS WEEK, I will have my daily blog posts published every day at 7:30AM. I can’t guarantee that I will always have my posts pre-scheduled, but I am seriously working on it.
  • My new and improved blog schedule is now in the sidebar. I have added a couple of new segments to the weekly schedule. I may still change some things around on it, but it is the tentative schedule starting in September. (I am still open for more opinions so send me an email if you have any suggestions for what you want on the weekly schedule at Scrapmaster’s Paradise)
  • I will only be checking emails and making phone calls at specific times each day and depending on the number of emails I have, I may not get back to you for a day or two. I have been getting LOTS of emails lately, and I apologize if I don’t get back to you the same day. (I WILL be posting my phone number on my blog and I will be talking about this very soon)

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