Make Your Own Tile Coasters

This lesson will show you how to make your own coasters out of tiles! This is one of my favorite new techniques (well new to me anyway) because these will make great gifts for people. I plan on making a set for every major holiday so we can have them out as decor 🙂 These are so easy to make.

For this project you will need:
*a set of 4X4inch tiles. These can be purchased at any major home improvement store. I got these ones at Home Depot in a pack of 9 tiles for $4.77. The tiles I recommend are the unsealed natural stone tiles so that they will soak up the moisture from your glass when you have the glass on the coaster.
*heat tool. the same tool you use for heat embossing.
* waterproof ink pad. I am using Stampin’ UP’s Basic Grey ink pad which is waterproof.
*permanent markers. Some companies like Sharpies, Bic, etc. sell large packs of assorted permanent markers. I got my set of Bic Mark It markers at Staples for $10 on sale and I use them all the time in my stamping.
*aerosol hairspray (optional). This will just help protect your stamping a little from wear and tear, but it is unnecessary since all our coloring tools are waterproof.
* a stamp or stamp set. I am using Stampin’ UP’s Dreams Du Jour stamp set.
*felt or plastic feet. The feet will go on the corners of the bottom of the tiles to protect the surface the coasters will sit on. These feet are sold in the home improvement stores too, but I just cut out square pieces of felt and hot glued them onto the bottom. It worked just perfectly and saved me a little money 🙂

1. Stamp your image using waterproof ink and quickly go over it with the heat tool until it dries completely. While experimenting, the ink took a long time to try and thus soaked into the tile making my image blurry. When the image was dried with the heating tool, the image remained crisp.

2. Color in as desired with permanent markers.
3. Optional: spray a light coat of hairspray over the tile to make a light seal over your stamping.
4. Attach the feet to each corner on the bottom of each tile.

The photo above is the set of tiles I made. They are stamped in different places and colored in differently so that they coordinate together, but aren’t exactly the same.

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