Mounting Stampin’ UP Stamps

Stampin’ UP stamp sets come unmounted meaning you have to put them together by yourself. Each stamp set comes with a set of wooden blocks, a plastic container, a sheet of clear stickers and a sheet of the rubber stamp images.

Mounting your Stampin’ UP Stamps is easy now that most of the stamp sets come with the rubber parts die cut. This means the rubber part is always cut around each of the stamped images. In the photo above, you can see some of the die cut rubber pieces already punched off of the rubber sheet. Some sets are still not die cut, so if your stamp set comes with an uncut sheet of rubber, cut around each stamp with craft scissors. Make sure to cut close to the images but not close enough to cut the image itself. Use small, straight cuts.

1. Make sure to match up each wooden block size with the corrent image size. When you have them matched up, peel off the backing from the foam side of the stamp part.

2. Stick the rubber piece in the center of the stamp.

3. Cut closely around the clear adhesive image. The sheet of images actually comes with dotted lines that you can tear each image apart with. I find it difficult not to rip the clear stickers and the clear stickers hang off the wood block slightly so I just cut around them.

4. Peel the clear sticker from the backing.

5. Check the orientation of the rubber part of the stamp. You want the sticker to line up in the correct orientation with your rubber stamp so you can stamp correctly. In the photo above, I am just holding the clear peice up to the rubber part. Then I flipped over the wooden block so that the rubber side is down.

6. When you know that the clear sticker is lined up correctly, place it on the wooden block and rub over it to make sure that it is stuck down.

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