Paper Ho Challenge

My dear friend friend Siobhan and I are starting a No Buying Paper Challenge this month. I am calling it the Paper Ho challenge. Who’s joining us????

Here are the terms we both agreed to:
NO patterned paper
NO cardstock
Exceptions would be paper for business purposes only: SU events, paper for kits to sell or die cuts to sell.

The challenge runs until we each complete 100 projects. We officially started on August 1st so I have 3 projects completed (my birthday card was actually made last week so it didn’t count towards my project count).


EDIT: I will be keeping track in my sidebar WAY down at the bottom. . . as I post my projects on the blog, I will count them towards the Paper Ho Challenge count. When I finally reach 100, I will celebrate with a bunch of new paper :O)

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9 thoughts on “Paper Ho Challenge

  1. Wow, you and Siobhan are crazy, I love you both, but you’re nuts!!! I couldn’t do this at all! I don’t have a DSP addiction by any means, but I can’t go without a few new packs of CS each month! I am not a Paper Ho, though. I am a Punch Ho!

  2. Nice! There are lots o’ Hos coming out of the woodwork!! Join the challenge ladies! You can do it!

    I will post mine in the sidebar too, Samantha!

    I have been scrapbooking for the past few days…using some stock! Feeling good! And I got that last SU order in *just* in the nick of time! 😉

  3. Remember I told you we need a 12-step program?!! My name is Heidi and I, too, am a Paper Ho. You know how much paper I have! (Remember our VP discussion??) I am really going to {ahem} TRY to join you in this. I amazingly went to Joanns today fully intending to buy a couple stacks and WALKED OUT PAPERLESS!! And then, on the way out decided I was going to go to my LSS and look at the new patterned papers…AND TALKED MYSELF OUT OF THAT, TOO. Serendipity!! I SENSED you were formulating this challenge. Go Ho’s!

  4. OK Sam…..My name is Stephanie and I am a Paper HO! LMAO Didn’t we have this discussion on Saturday? LOL I knew I should have bought that paper pad I saw at Hobby Lobby today! OK…I am with you, because I seriously need to quit buying paper(for now!) I’ll do it this month and I’ll make 100 projects too! I have an idea for our next crop too!

  5. Alright I will give it a try here, my one exception would be if you happen to come up with a color I don’t happen to have for a DT project. Not likely to happen because I am pretty sure I have paper in every color known to man, but thought I’d better throw it out there.

  6. Two things:

    1. LOL at Susan who called herself a paper ho — I love it, too funny!

    2. This is something I NEED (not want lol) to do and I’m just wondering how you are going about keeping track of your projects (tally sheet, numbering & posting on the blog)??

    Thanks 🙂

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