Simple Masking Technique

Masking is one of the simplest stamping techniques that create depth. The butterflies above are all stamped using the same rubber stamp, but it looks like the two outside butterflies are behind the butterfly in the center. This depth is created with masking.You will need a stamp, ink pad, scissors or cutting blade, piece of cardstock, and scratch paper.STEPS:
1. Stamp your image onto the cardstock where you want it. Stamp the same image onto the scratch paper.

2. Trim closely around the stamped image you made on scratch paper. This piece is going to be your “mask”.

3. Temporarily attach your mask over the stamped image on your cardstock. You can attach it with a piece of tape or simply hold it in place while stamping over it.

4. Stamp your other images where desired making sure that the mask stays in place.

5. Peel your mask off and you have a masked image!


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