Stampin’ With Sami: Sticky Dot Stamper and Rubons Lesson

Today, I am starting my new Stampin’ With Sami segment. Every Saturday at Scrapmaster’s Paradise, there will be a new technique, product review, or a new step by step project.

This week, there are two special things to learn about in this Stampin’ With Sami lesson: learn how to use Elmer’s new Sticky Dot stamper and I want to introduce you to rub-ons. There is also a SNEAK PEEK from the upcoming holiday mini catalog :O)

This lesson is kind of long and filled with a bunch of info. Enjoy!

Here’s what I am making:


Personally, I used to find rub-ons very intimidating. I didn’t know what to do with them or how to use them so if you are like me, this lesson might help you to get over your rub-on fear. I still usually don’t buy rub-ons very often because they get used up so quickly, BUT I LOVE the look of them on a project.

So I am starting out with the following items:

  • Elmer’s Adhesive Sticky Dot Stamper (the blue and green thing on the far left of the photo above)
  • Rub-ons from Rasberry -I have already cut out the shapes I wanted from the sheet of rub-ons.
  • A stamped image from the upcoming Stampin’ UP Beary Best Friends stamp set. I stamped the little bear using Stampin’ UP Basic Black classic ink and then colored him in with Stampin’ UP markers.
  • A popsicle stick (usually included with your pack of rub-ons) I always have one in my tools just in case my pack of rub-ons doesn’t include one.
  • Two pieces of cardstock -Chocolate Chip cardstock cut to measure 5.5X4.25inches and Tempting Turquoise cardstock cut to measure 5.25X4inches. I used the Stampin’ UP’s Ticket Corner Punch on the Tempting Turqouise cardstock.

Now I would like to tell you a bit about this new Elmer’s Adhesive Sticky Dot Stamper. In the photo above you can see the tip of the Stamper. This has to be the neatest adhesive tool! We all love glue dots, but they are annoying to use because you have to peel the backing off of those tiny little dots and then you end up losing some of the dots and it ends up being a horrible mess, right?

Well, Elmer’s has solved the glue dot problem!!! This Adhesive Dot Stamper automatically “loads” the dots and then you just stamp the dot where you want it! No peeling, no losing dots. It is so awesome! When you go to stamp the dot where you want it, a new dot will come out and be placed on your project. These are acid-free, photo safe glue dots AND you can purchase refills for them!

On the packaging, it says the dots are 5/16inches so I am assuming they might make other sizes in the future, but I don’t know.

At our first monthly crop a few weeks ago, MeMe saw it in my room and asked about it so I showed everyone how to use it and THEY LOVED IT too!! Everyone wanted one, but I didn’t know where to buy one since Elmer’s kindly sent this one to me. Now I know :O)

You can purchase these Adhesive Sticky Dot Stampers at your local craft stores like Joann’s. ACMoore, and Michaels. You can also find them online some places. I did a google search and found them at the following places:
Ritz Camera

Instructions for using the Sticky Dot Stamper:

  1. Position dot stamper where you want to apply adhesive
  2. firmly press down to apply dot to surface
  3. gently lift Dot Stamper off of surface
  4. Dispenser automatically advances to the next dot

In the above photo if you look REALLY closely, you can see the dot. Can you see it??
I added one dot to each corner of the Tempting Turquoise cardstock. It is kinda hard to see the dots, but they are there, LOL.
Now I layered my cardstocks and then stamped 2 dots on the back of my Build a Bear stamped image.
Before my lesson, I already colored in my little Build a Bear and cut him out with my Xacto knife. This is from the new Stampin’ UP set called Beary Best Friends. This stamp set will be available on Sept. 1st. It also comes with a little girl build a bear and some accessories. Stampin’ UP really outdid themselves because there are THREE great Build A Bear stamp sets coming out PLUS a bunch of Build A Bear dies for the Big Shot!!! I hope to be able to show you more Build A Bear in September after my big winter order. :O)
Now, let’s talk about rub-ons. When I talk with anyone about rub-ons, I get one of two responses: they either LOVE rub-ons or they hate them! I wouldn’t say that I hate them, but I am definitely not in love with them either. They are great to use when they work well, BUT I run out so quickly. I prefer stamps or die cuts -things that you can use over and over.

For those of you who have never used rub-ons, get a pack and try them out. They are really pretty neat. The rub-ons I am using are from Rasberry. I won them on Rasberry’s blog for their blog candy recently. THANK YOU, RASBERRY!! When I saw these little space rub-ons, I thought they would go perfect with this little build a bear.

Rub-ons come with two plastic sheets -one is the protective sheet and one is the sheet the rub-on is actually attached to. You need to keep these two sheets together because the rub-ons will peel off if they aren’t protected from touching something else. Also, be sure not to store these where pressure will be applied to them. The rub-ons can actually start to stick to the protective sheet if you press on them too hard.

1. Cut out the piece you want to use. I chose the Space Ranger title shown above.
2. Peel the rub-on sheet from the protective sheet and place the rub-on where you want it to be.

3. While holding the rub-on firmly in place with one hand, use the popsicle stick to rub over the entire surface of the image. Some rub-ons have to be rubbed more than others. You might have to peel the corner of your rub-on to check that it is actually sticking to your paper.
4. Gently peel back the plastic backing.

Next, I added some other rubons as accents on my card. I stuck the rocket ship to look like it was in the Build A Bear’s hand :O)

And here is my finished project:

Next week, Stampin’ With Sami is all about COLORING TECHNIQUES! Be sure to stop by next Saturday!


Here is a photo of the Beary Best Friends stamp set:

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  1. Great tutorial, Samantha! That sticky dot stamper looks great and I’m such a huge fan of rub ons. I never was but I’ve been loving them lately. Some brands are so nice and easy to work with. Hope you’re enjoying the final weeks of summer 🙂

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