It’s a Very Sad Day For Me

***This post has been edited to reflect the changes that Stampin’ UP has made to revise the new Independent Demonstrator Agreement. They have already come back and said they were too harsh on some points***

I am incredibly sad and frustrated right now (and yes I have a major migraine even) and I am going to try to explain to you why this is so.

Stampin’ UP has amended it’s Independent Demonstrator Agreement, which is the contract that all demonstrators have to sign. Normally, I am OK with all of SU’s decisions, but today, I am NOT ok with the decisions that they have made. I try my best to be a good little demonstrator, and I will continue to do so, which means MAJOR CHANGES are to come unfortunately :O( I try my best to be open and honest with you so here goes. . .

Because of their new decisions, I will no longer be allowed to promote any other similar products to SU besides SU -either on my blog, on forums, anywhere on the internet. This has FAR REACHING consequences for me personally, and you as my lovely SPCCers. . . it definitely changes things here at SPCC and things over at my personal blog Scrapmaster’s Paradise. . .

This means:

  • I have sponsors lined up at SP Color Combos through the end of the year, BUT after that, I will be providing the prizes from then on out. No more sponsors :O( This means the prizes will be smaller than some of the bigger prizes we’ve been having, but I will still keep it good!
  • I will have to change more depending on what I hear back from SU.

Changes for my personal blog:

  • I will no longer be able to be my horrible little enabling self :O) I know I like to enable, and some of you enjoy the occasional enable (i-top, sales, great online finds. etc) well I can’t do that anymore!
  • The In The Spotlight section will go on as planned starting Thursday, but I will only be fulfilling my commitments to the companies I have already worked with. I will not be taking on any new spotlights and once these are finished, I will no longer have spotlights. I am really disappointed that I won’t have this special spotlight segment for you for very long, but we will make the most of the spotlights when we do have them :O)
  • I will be removing MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY (get the point) links from my sidebar. . . it will be all SU (aside from the commitments to my DT’s and spotlight companies) I will still be leaving friends because aparently that is now OK.
  • I will continue on my current design teams until my terms are up, but then I will no longer be permitted to be on design teams under the new SU rules. Bye, bye, dreams of glory!!!
  • I will still be using all my great products, whether they be SU or not, but I won’t be able to tell you all the juicy details about where to find them. I can give basic identifying info like the name of the item and brand, but nothing more! Sorry. . .

The new rules don’t go into effect until October 1st so I have one month to make some of the more immediate necessary changes. Nothing drastic is changing yet. I am **hoping** that this is all just a big joke or misunderstanding or a nightmare, but I am going to play by the rules. I have been in contact with SU in regards to keeping my current commitments so they should at least be kind enough to let me keep my promises to those I’ve given them to, or I may have to make different changes than the ones listed.

Happy Crafting,

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