Some SPCC News to Share

As you might have seen, we are having a design team call right now. What you didn’t know is which designer is stepping down.

Sadly today, I am telling you, we are losing our dear SP Diva Sabriena. She is stepping down from our lovely team. Even in her short time as a Diva she has given us some amazing projects and I was proud to have her as part of my team. I am sad to see her go, and we wish her well. I am sure she will still play along when she can so you will hopefully still see her around SPCC.

In all sad things, I try to see the bright side, and with this there is a bright side. Even though, we are losing a very talented member of our team, there is a chance to bring other talent aboard. Sabriena and I have talked about her possibly coming back to our team at a later time, but now is just not a good time for her. Please be sure to check out or DT call, which can be found here

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