Yesterday, something HUGE happened here at SP. . . It rocked my socks off. . . it made me jump up and down (seriously!). . . it made me scream it to the whole house (and the dogs even got excited!) . . .

Yesterday I reached 80THOUSAND visitors!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

When I started blogging I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have more than 1 visitor (me!!)! It still surprises me every day to come on here and see the numbers rise. To me it is so magical and special because I am just sharing what I love. I never expected my blog to be a place that inspires people and when people tell me I inspire them (and people write to me and tell me this!), it touches me so deeply I can’t even explain! I am truly touched.

I am very thankful for you! Thank you for visiting! Thank you for coming back! Thank you for your comments!

Now I have a little store for you: for the last couple of days, I kept telling my mom “soon I am going to reach 80thousand blog visitors, it’s going to happen soon!” and she was like “sure honey, that’s nice” you know how mom’s are, she couldn’t care less. . . well I think it finally sank in that 80thousand is HUGE because she came back to me the day before yesterday and told me she FINALLY went to my blog (first time EVER, mind you!!) and she said she was proud of me!

Now, because I have TWO blog candy giveaways going on right now already, I am not going to be starting another one because that would just be too much for me to keep up with LOL. Here are the links to my current giveaways. Please enter both of them if you haven’t already entered!

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4 thoughts on “Milestone!

  1. Congratulations on hte 80 thousand. Well to be honest with you you have so many people visiting your blog because of the wonderful ideas you give. You are such a great person. I am honored to have met ou through the blogs. Keep it up I love seeing your work. Soon I will be starting to get back into te SPCC challenges.
    Thank you sooooo much for all the great inspirtaions.

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