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Well, while cooking dinner, I decided I would make a post tonight and give ya’ll an update on my migraine status. As many of you know, I have been battling SEVERE migraines sometimes daily migraines since the summer. I went through many weeks of having daily migraines and I was bedridden a lot of the time. It really started over the last winter when the migraines started to get worse than normal. I’ve gone to MANY doctors and tried MANY medications and right now I am on a ton of medication. . .

Well, I am still battling it out with the evil migraines 2 or so times a week and it is still pretty severe to where I am stuck in the bed, but I am managing the best I can and I just try not to talk about it and sort of live in denial when I am not sick LOL (I try to think happy thoughts!). BUT I have to face my demons because TOMORROW I have an appointment with an endocrinologist.

It is funny because this endocrinologist specializes in fertility! He was just the first endocrinologist in the city with an opening in his schedule so it is weird like that. LMBO. So I am actually going to a fertility clinic to get treated for my migraines! Now, I am going to be really mad if I end up with a baby!! :O)

Seriously though, the reason he decided to see me was that during my last batch of blood work, they tested some of my hormone levels and they are are screwy (along with many of my vitamin levels) so since hormones are his specialty, he said he would take me. And hormones have A LOT to do with migraines!! Wish me luck!!

This is slightly less dramatic and way more exciting!!! I AM GETTING PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I totally can’t believe it!!! I have never even tried to get published in anything before and just recently I decided to submit some projects for an online magazine and they want one of my layouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally didn’t expect it, but I am very thankful. I can’t say anything else about it because it is a secret. . . I designed this little out for publication button to put in place of my project though :O)

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10 thoughts on “News X2

  1. Good luck at the Dr. Samantha. I hope they find something to help you because it sounds like what you have is pretty debilitating…you shouldn’t have to just “live with it”
    AND CONGRATS on getting published. That’s totally awesome and certainly well deserved!

  2. congrats on the publish! so happy for you! good luck with the endocrinologist visit as well….hope you can get a good treatment plan going!

  3. Two things my dear friend. First, best of luck with the endocrinologist. I will be praying that this doctor will be able to help you. Second, CONGRATULATIONS!! I cannot thing of anyone who deserves the honor more than you!

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