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OK I can FINALLY tell you my good news (more than one, tee hee)!! I have been working hard all day long on some things and still working on them, LOL. . . I know this is a long post so if you choose to accept the challenge of reading it. . . grab some hot cocoa and a warm blanket :O)



Stampin’ UP’s MY DIGITAL STUDIO IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!! I made this cute little card while playing around this afternoon:


Now this one DID take some time :O)
My Digital Studio is Stampin’ UP’s brand new digital scrapbooking program! Well my computer more than meets all the minimum requirements for My Digital Studio BUT I have over 1000 fonts loaded onto my computer.

Yes, that is right,
I am a paper junkie,
I am a stamp junkie,
I am even a Cricut junkie, and now. . ..
I am admitting to you. . .

Well My Digital Studio DOES NOT work well with 1000+ fonts loaded onto your computer! LMBO. I had already heard of my fellow font junkies having problems with the program running slowly due to font overload so ALL DAY, I have been pruning my font list. . . WHEW! I am now down to 270 fonts. The program is running MUCH MUCH faster, but still not as fast as I would like. So tomorrow will be Day 2 of font pruning to get my list down some more.

I made the card above my playing around in the program. I started with one of the designer templates, but almost completely changed everything on it. It is such a user friendly program and there are SOOOOO many fun options. I really like the way it is set up and I can’t wait to get to play with it some more.

***Now here is what matters to you!!! If you purchase My Digital Studio from me, I will be offering an Online Class with my support to go with your purchase!!!! I will teach you all the basics of using the program in the same format as my Stampin’ With Sami Lessons (step-by-step tutorials with screenshot photos). I will be working on putting this class together on a private blog JUST for my students who purchase this program from me.***


I wanted to share what happened at the endocrinologist last Thursday (read this post for past details). This is slightly TMI probably, but I always feel that it is better to be open and honest with you so I wanted to share my story with you. My hope is that someone in my same situation might search and somehow come upon my blog and find the right answer for their situation by finding me so just skip over all this next stuff if it is too much info for you. It’s kinda embarrassing because I have to talk about some girly stuff :O)

Well, some of you might already know, migraines are very closely linked with female hormones and the female hormone cycle (hence why females are more likely to have migraines than men, especially during that time of the month). Well, in an attempt to regulate my hormones, I have been on various hormones (i.e birth control pills) so that I don’t have a cycle as frequently and therefore reduce the frequency of my migraines. The migraines did in fact become less frequent when I went on the medications long ago, but apparently over time, these have made my hormones compete and my estrogen has become low and my Progesterone has become high. Now, the last thing they want to do at this point is take me off of the pills I am already on that were working for me up until now.

So now my endocrinologist is putting me on an estrogen patch because my estrogen is low. He thinks the little boost of estrogen will help my hormones to regulate themselves better. And get this. . . he tells me. . . I SHOULD PUT THE PATCH ON MY BUTT!!! BLAH AH HA HAH HAH AH AHA HAHH AH SO I have a butt patch :O)

Well the first two days on the patch so far have been AWFUL. I was feeling completely sick, had two migraines that lasted longer than usual, and the rest of the time, I have just felt completely awful and sickly. As you know, I try not to be a downer, so I am holding my head up high and just waiting for my body to adjust to it. He said I won’t see improvement until about 2 weeks after starting the patches. SO I will just play with My Digital Studio as I wait. Tee hee!


I am giddy because I have sold some cards!! In this photo, I took a photo of a set of Christmas cards I sold a while ago (and I was super excited then!!!). . .but now, I have an order for ONE HUNDRED CARDS!!!!This is the first big order I have ever had and I am so thrilled to have it. I can’t show you the card design until I am done, but let me tell you. . .they are very elegant. They are Wedding Thank You cards. So this week, I am working “overtime” LOL I worked on them a lot today.

Now if you have made it this far, congrats!! I will be back tomorrow for my Use It Tuesday project. I’ve got a super idea to share with you then so stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Newsworthy -Challenges -MDS -Butt Patch -Cards!!

  1. Congrats on the DT and everything else! That is awesome news! Hope those migraines go away soon! 🙂

    Lol, and yes I changed my header, you aren’t going crazy! 😉 Thanks for all your sweet comments on the challenges, I’m having a blast with them!

  2. Only you can make fun of migraines and hormones! I hope that your butt patch stops being a pain in the butt for you and starts living up to its expectations! You go girl – hug, hug.

  3. Hi Sammy, sorry to hear about your woes, migraines and hormones are soooo tricky. I spent two years with patches stuck to my butt. They don’t always stay stuck… one morning my hubby woke up with my patch stuck to his back!!!! Showering was also an issue as patches tend to be less sticky towards the end of the week. I finally went back to my GP and asked for an alternative and she prescribed me gel sachets. I find this a whole lot more convenient, so it might be worth considering if the patches don’t work out for you. Hugs, Jo x

  4. Hey Sami, hope the new “butt patches” work out for you!! lol. Oh and congrats on the new design team AND on the huge card order – can’t wait to see how they turn out… the Christmas cards are absolutely adorable!! You are quite the busy bee hahaha! 🙂

  5. Hey girl – I’m super excited for your new design team position – I have already signed up to be a part of the Ch(all)enge Master’s forum and can’t wait to get started – it looks like it’s going to be a fun time. I’m also happy to hear that the doctor has hopefully found a way to help you out with the migraines even though you’ll have to wear a “Butt” patch for a while 🙂 – you had me rolling in the floor with that one, but I am hoping that you get adjusted to it over the next few days.

    I was doing some blogging last night and saw on Kelly Marie’s blog that a friend of hers was looking for someone to make some wedding thank you cards, so when I saw you mention this, I was like yes because I saw that you had commented on her post (well, I’m assuming that’s the offer you’re talking about). Congratulations on that and I can’t wait to see what you’re making for them.

    Well, it’s time for this old lady to head off to bed so I can get up for work tomorrow, which gets harder and harder everyday.

    Congratulations on all your great news and can’t wait to see what post for us tomorrow.

    Have a great one !!!


  6. Wow Samantha, congrats on the huge card order…that is AWESOME.
    I’m so sorry to hear you’re so miserable with the new butt patch (very funny btw) That totally sucks but I really hope it helps you in the long run. Congrats on the new DT position’re going to be an extra busy lady!

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