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Happy Saturday!!

In a message board, I saw that someone had asked a question about how to store & organize Sponge Daubers and so I thought today I would post my organization solution for my sponging tools.

I am just really getting into sponging and I use a variety of sponges: Stampin’ UP Sponge Daubers are amazing and I also use plain old make up sponges frequently for larger coverage. I keep all my sponges sorted by color in Bead Organizers sold by Darice. I chose these organizers because they are made in the USA, they are CHEAP, and they have the perfect sized compartments to store the sponges. I seriously have like 20 of these bead organizers around my scrap room beause I store nearly all my little embellishments and stuff in them. I just adore these organizers.

Here is a photo of the bead organizers that I use for sponges on my shelf:


I have 4 boxes of sponges, one for each color family. Each box has enough room for one Stampin’ UP color family and a set of In Colors. I labeled my boxes with my label maker so I could easily just grab the box I need as I am working on a project and take the box over to my scrap table. (you can see my stamp storage on the side next to the sponge boxes, I hope to post more photos of my updated storage soon as well!!)

For the inside of each box, I labeled each little compartment with my lablel maker so I can reuse the same sponges over and over. I hate to throw things away if they can be reused!! I am just adding to my little sponge stash as I go so not all the compartments have each kind of sponge in it because I haven’t sponged with all the colors yet :O)

Here is a photo looking straight down into the compartments:

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