New Rule Change: Prize Claim Procedure

I feel that this must be addressed because I am kind of saddened with an event that has just occurred. I am adding a rule to the official rules because of the events that have just occurred.

The official rule is: Prizes must be claimed within 7 days of being announced. Email me with the subject “SPCC WINNER” and include your mailing address to claim your prize. If you do not get a response from me within the first couple of days, resend your email!! If you do not claim your prize within the set number of days, I will give your prize away at a later date.

Here is what has happened that has led to the rule change. I will not name any names, but I feel that this is unacceptable so I am creating a new rule so that this won’t happen again.

I started a challenge blog, and I started it knowing I was going to be giving away prizes and paying for shipping out of my own pocket. I did this because I wanted to. I thought it would be fun, and I thought it would help to grow my Stampin’ UP business, which I feel it has. Then I have also gotten the help from some AMAZING sponsors along the way!

Now over ONE MONTH ago, I announced the winner for one of the contests and said “So and so, please email me your mailing address so I can ship you your prize” just like I always do. Usually the so and so is awesome and emails me within a few days and the world is happy. Well this PARTICULAR SO AND SO I didn’t hear from that week, which I thought was strange. But in the rules, I have said, the winner is responsible for emailing me, I will not beg! LOL so I waited. . .

and forgot!

So FOUR WEEKS later, I get a short email saying they haven’t received their prize and giving me their info again. Well, so I email her back saying I didn’t get her info and I will send out her prize. So I sit here baffled because I always save people’s email addresses when I respond to them, which means I didn’t just forget her. It means I never got her email.

The little devil sitting on my shoulder is saying to me, she didn’t check back here for a month and see she won something and NOW she wants her prize. . . I don’t THINK SO, but of course, I want to know the truth. . .

So now, I go back and look though the last months worth of emails I have in my email box and can’t find the email. And so I check my spam filter AND FINALLY I KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

Her email was sent without a subject and the spam filter picked it up!!! I do go check my spam folder every so often, but without a subject, I would never notice it in there!!!!

SO, finally, the moral of the story is make sure you put a subject in your email when you write to me AND if you don’t hear back from me in a couple of days, write to me again!! I feel so awful that she waited a whole month to get her prize when she really originally wrote to me the next day!

Happy Crafting,

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