Stampin’ With Sami Lesson: Ribbon & The Card Base

Each Saturday, I hope to have a Stampin’ With Sami (SWS) Lesson for you -in the form of a tutorial with step-by-step photos. It will either be a fancy technique or a cool new way to use a product. The purpose of me bringing your these mini workshops is to hopefully convince you to become one of my lovely customers :O)

Today, I am going to teach you my little technique for attaching ribbon to a card. I am sure some of you out there already do this or at least have seen this done, but while teaching a class, I had to back up a step and teach this because no one in the class had ever seen this before so I hope that some of you will learn something new today :O)

My full card details will be posted tomorrow.


  • Cardstock for your card base (used here us a piece of Whisper White cardstock 8.5X5.5inches scored and folded in the center)
  • Cardstock for your card front(used here is a piece of Whisper White cardstock 4.25X5.5inches)
  • Ribbon (Bermuda Bay Polka Dot In Color ribbon used here)
  • Embellishments or layers for your card (used here is the a wedding stamp from the Stampin’ UP To Have and To Hold stamp set, which is retired)
  • SNAIL Adhesive

First, I want to go over a little card “strategy and terminology” for you to make sure we are all on the same page and you understand a little of how I work on my cards. Shown in the photo above there is a card base and a card front.

Card Base: The cardstock part of your card that becomes the folded piece, in which you will write in. For a standard greeting card like shown here, it is half of a 8.5X11sheet of cardstock and then fold it in half.
Card Front: The front piece of your card, which you will later attach to the card base. For a standard greeting card, this is a quarter of a 8.5X11sheet of cardstock.

When I am designing projects, I make all my card fronts first, and then attach them to card bases as I use the cards. That way, they don’t take up as much room for one thing, which is a definite plus.

I use the card base/card front method because you can hide things like brad backings, ribbon ends, etc. Also, even if your decorated card is a dark color, you can still easily write on the inside of your card because you can make your card base out of white cardstock or a light color.

Finally, another upside to using the Card base/front method. . . it makes your card thicker and it just comes off as more handmade and professional to me. Of course, this last point is totally personal preference :O)

1. After decorating the rest of your card as desired, decide where you want to attach your ribbon. If desired, tie a knot like shown above. Cut a length of ribbon so there is at least an inch of excess ribbon left on the piece of ribbon.

2. Using SNAIL adhesive, attach adhesive to the back side of the ribbon. Make sure to get adhesive especially at the ends of the ribbon. Place ribbon where desired on your card front and press to attach. (TIP: sometimes with SNAIL adhesive, you may need to rub a little over the ribbon to generate a little heat to make the bond permanent).

3. Flip your card front over and fold over the ends of the ribbon so they are attached to the back of your card front.

4. Attach your card front to your card base. Complete your card as desired.

Now the ends of the ribbon are tucked inside the card so there are no loose ends and no fraying to worry about!!

Here is a photo of the edge of the card. You can just see the ribbon folded inside the card. I think it gives the card a nice professional look :O)

And here is the completed card:
DISCLAIMER: If you have ever looked around on my blog, you can probably tell that I am what I like to call a HIGH VOLUME paper crafter (meaning I am creating MANY projects on a DAILY basis). That means I use LOTS and LOTS of adhesive. As such, I have opted not to be a daily user of SNAIL adhesive for everyday crafting because I just go through adhesive (especially tape runners) so quickly. If you are anything like me, I would suggest using Stampin’ UP’s Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive, which is a liquid glue. It seems to go a LONG way so you get more bang for your buck. I would save the SNAIL for things in which you need a tape runner, like ribbon.

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