Sunday Storage & Organization: Cricut Cartridges

Later today, I will have a new Stamp Set of the Week to reveal to you, but I also wanted to share my updated Cricut storage with you!

These little “cubes” hook together and I got them for $1 each! Each little cube holds 4 cartridges. The store changed the style of the cubes this last time I went to buy more, so I had to buy the kind with the holes in it (the whole left column). They are still basically the same, just a little different color, but they will work just as good :O)

Anyway, I decided to get more cubes because. . . I have a few cartridges on the way! YIPPEE!! I will say more about this when one arrives. AND I hope to get some of the newer carts someday soon as well tee hee hee!!

This is what I call the Cricut station. To the left I have my computer desk, then this big desk shown here. Next to my Cricut station, I have the scanner, paper trimmer, and ribbon holder. Then on the wall, I have my bulletin board.

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