Confessions of a guilty stamper. . .

*WARNING: There will be rambling :O)

Well, lately I have been on a scrappy spending spree. Well I guess not “lately”. Really, looking back over this whole year, since March, I have been spending way too much on the scrappy goodies.

I have mentioned before that I am a stress shopper (and it is oOOOOOHHHHH so true) which is a tough habit to break, but I am going to BREAK this habit. Honestly, I love my scrappy goodies and they are my prized possessions, but I need to reign in on my nasty stress shopping.

After my crazy shopping right before Black Friday and during Black friday, it has finally started to sink in and now I feel the guilt setting in. . .

I know I am not alone in the scrappy spending so I feel OK admitting my fault. I just wanted to confess :O)

I have told my fiance a million times this year “but it was on sale”, “but I HAD to have it”, “but I got it for a good price”, and the truth is. . . I really FINALLY have enough. He knows it and I know it too and I want to change my spending habits.

The guilt is settling in this week especially because I have hardly touched any of my new goodies this week because I have been making TONS of stuff for a craft fair for this Saturday (It is my first time holding a booth at a fair). I have actually crafted more in this week than I do in a usual week, but I haven’t gotten to create anything for myself really. AND I know I won’t be crafting much for myself even into next week because I have some custom orders to fill too.

SO My New Year’s Resolution is to STOP stress shopping!!!!!
(Susan, stop laughing!!)

My last New Year’s Resolution was to become a daily blogger and I accomplished that so I am going to try for two in a row (before last year I don’t think I really made a real resolution )!

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5 thoughts on “Confessions of a guilty stamper. . .

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth!! I too am a crafty stress shopper. And lord know our family has been thru a great deal this year. So, I too am with ya on that New Years resolution. Good luck! Thanks for admitting and letting us all know we are not alone!!

  2. Hugs from one stress shopper to another! And I haven’t crafted much lately (I owe SPCC a LO – will do today). Thanks for your video sneak peaks on the new SU goodies!

  3. Way to go Sam! I think I need to be right there with you on the spending! I have got to stop also–I think I am a stress shopper too. LOL I had already thought about doing another paper ho challenge and stash challenge, so I may make that my resolution!

  4. Good luck! You have more will power than me 🙂 I always use the excuse “it’s for the store or my business” but the reason I started my business was because of my shopping addicion.

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