The machine SUCKED so I returned it! I always loved the Cake cartridges when I was an active Cricut user.

I have grand dreams of being a cake decorator and own my own little bakery. It is one of my wild and crazy dreams I have for the future. Well anyway, it might never happen, BUT check this out. . . A CRICUT made for cake decorators!!!! There is even a cartridge that is called Cake Basics!!


I don’t know any real details yet except the ones listed on the Cricut website:
“The Cricut Cake™ Personal Electronic Cutter is specifically designed for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and confections in no time at all. Just choose a shape, a size, and press “cut”. Decorating like a professional has never been faster or easier. Bon Appetit!

And here is a shot of the Cake Basics cartridge!

You will know more when I know more!!!!! I am so excited!!!

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