Video Episode 4: Proper Stampin Techniques

I have had some messageboard buddies have a little trouble stamping so I made this video with some of my tips and tricks for stamping. Enjoy!!

I didn’t mention in the video, but THE BEST paper to stamp in is Whisper White cardstock made by Stampin’ UP, I highly recommend this cardstock over any other white cardstock. Believe me, NOT all cardstocks are created equally!!!

Disclaimer: I am still suffering from my cold so I am sorry if I sound funnyLOL I think I do!! :O) Also, I am wearing pajamas! HA HA

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8 thoughts on “Video Episode 4: Proper Stampin Techniques

  1. I like the jeans tip, thanks!!!! Saves me using up my erasers and sanders.

    I did dab around the pad as shown before trying the twisting thing, so I had the idea right.

    I am already having MUCH better luck after prepping the stamps and stamping them a few times.

    Great video!!!!! I hope next time someone is in my situation they can find it! Make sure and put lots of tags on Youtube to help people searching 🙂 I’m sure they’ll love you for it!!!!

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