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Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day!! (LOL I love saying that!)

Today, I am going for another round of Botox for migraine prevention AND I have a dentist appointment (yes on the same day. They were scheduled on back to back Wednesdays, but one of them was rescheduled so lucky me, I get to do both all at once!). I got this post pre-scheduled because I know I am going to come home and sleep after my head becomes a pin cushion (we’re talking over 30 injections, NOT FUN but soooooo worth it). Wish me luck!

When I think of not too happy things, I try to think of PUPPIES to make me happier (LOL, like my segway??? I try!!) So today, I am sharing my second layout using My Digital Studio, Stampin’ UP’s digital scrapbooking program.

Now I must say, I thought I would never get into digi, but it really is fun. It is totally different to traditional scrapping, in my opinion at least. But I find both very fun and enjoyable.

This first photo is of the screenshot actually taken from the computer program as I am designing my page. For some reason it cut off the far right border, but you get the idea. Emma is in the dog food bag and my mom is peeking in (what you don’t see in the photos is that the big dogs, Mya and Bella, are also standing around wondering what the heck is going on in the bag)


And this next shot is a scan of the actual page I printed out from my color laser jet printer:Before printing this page, I decided to change the color of the journaling and title to make them not be so stark. I don’t know why it printed it with such huge borders around the page so I am going to have to fiddle with the printing a little bit.

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One thought on “Chomp Down MDS Layout

  1. I hope by the time you read this comment you are feeling better 🙂 That digi scrapbook program looks like it would be fun to play with. I just learned yesterday (I know, where have I been?)on the Cricut MB that there’s a few sites that will print your digi pages up to 12×12 at pretty reasonable costs! AND YMH sells decorative CD’s for you to store your digi albums on too! Can’t wait to see more about MDS.

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