Happy Birthday Card

Hey everyone!!

I bet some of you loyal SP readers are wondering what is going on with me. . . let me tell you. . . I am battling two things right now. . .I just want to explain my unusual posting lately. I have had a couple of weird things going on lately. Usually I have no trouble at all keeping up with everything, but lately it has been a little bit of a challenge for me.  It seems like I have been off a day or two! LOL

As you all have heard a million times, I suffer from severe migraine disease. Right now, that is very much under control with the help of Botox injections to help with the migraine prevention. It seems to be working GREAT except ever since my last injections I have been fighting this INTENSE urge to sleep. I am not just talking sleeping at night, I am talking ALL THE TIME!!! I did also catch the flu or a virus around the same time I got the injections. The neurologist has changed some of my meds around too so it could be the Botox, the meds, a combo of the two, being sick, or something completely different.I have no idea what is causing this, but I am TIRED ALL THE TIME! Usually I actually have trouble sleeping, but now I can easily sleep 10-12hours or even longer. It is really interfering with getting things done as you can probably imagine. This has been a very strange time for me and losing all those hours sleeping has really been cutting into my “me” time. I am just trying to find a new balance to everything.  I just wanted to let you know because I know some people worry about my migraines (and I appreciate your concern!!). They aren’t really the problem lately. I haven’t had very many since my new round of injections became fully effective.

And on top of sleeping the day away, I have been really having some spring cleaning fever this past week, which seems to be when my blogging finally started lagging. I have really wanted to get things in the house more organized and donate some of the stuff. Today, I spent all day going through our bedroom, the closet, and the dresser,donating old clothes and getting rid of some of the junk. It really makes me feel good to get rid of the clutter!!

And with the spring cleaning, I am going to be giving away quite a big of scrappy goodies very soon on my blog so I wanted to give you a heads up!! You should sign up to be a follower so you don’t miss out!

Now, enough chit chat! Let’s get onto today’s project finally!!

This is a birthday card I made a while back:

  • The sentiment and circle label are both stamps from the Stampin’ UP Vintage Labels stamp set. This stamp set is only available until the end of the month through Sale-a-bration so don’t miss out!!
  • I punched out the label with the Scallop Circle Punch.
  • The patterned paper and ribbon are both Bermuda Bay.
  • The card base is Rich Razzleberry.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Card

  1. Wow, you have really had a hard time! Maybe your spring cleaning will re-energize you and that you will regain your normal routine soon. Take care of yourself first, your followers and fellow bloggers will still be there.

    Wishing you healthier days!

  2. Sorry you are having so much fatique. Makes it hard to do anything when you need extra sleep. I hope it eases up soon. I’m LOVIN my new goodies from the order I placed. Now I just need time to sit down and actually do all the project ideas I have in my head! *LOL*

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