*SPOILER ALERT* New cartridges coming!!!

Hey everyone! Today has been a very rough migraine day. On top of that I have to study for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Today I have some cartridges to share with you! I added some new photos! Hope you like!!

Birthday Cakes

Create a Critter
This next image was provided by my dear friend Sue
Elegant Cakes

Holiday Cakes

Independence Day Seasonal (mini cartridge)

Nursery Rhymes
This next image was provided by my dear friend Sue
Summer In Paris Seasonal (mini cartridge)

Summer Vacation Seasonal (mini cartridge)

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4 thoughts on “*SPOILER ALERT* New cartridges coming!!!

  1. I hope that you are feeling better today, Dear Friend. I found a pic of the images from create-a-critter and nursery rhymes (and robotz, but you already know what that looks like!) on my blog!

  2. Oh, Samantha, now they’re talking my language with the new cart!!!! I’m going to Paris in April – I can’t wait to get my paws on the new cart!!!!!! ARGGGGGHHHH! I can’t take it! Thanks for the spoiler and I hope your migraine gets better! Pam

  3. Samantha, I am so sorry that you’re suffering from a migraine. Send me an e-mail (from my profile) and I’ll let you know what I used for mine! Take care!

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