Spring Cleaning Giveaway #10

Giveaway Closed!!

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91 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Giveaway #10

  1. Love designer paper—did’t use it too much before–out of my budget. but, they have had some good sales, and I now have some. It really makes a difference on the look of the cards.

  2. First line of the joke: What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

    (long pause)

    (I wonder if other people are reading my jokes?!)

    (It makes me smile to leave these jokes for you!)

    (long pause is over)

    The punchline: Bugs Bunny!

  3. I go gaga mad over paper! I just love paper! Its funny, I can only use so much when creating each card or project, but I can never seem to get enough! Love this give away! Follower/Pic linked!
    Thank you for the op to enter in all of these amazing giveaways!
    Rach ~ Queen La Rubba

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