Spring Cleaning Giveaway #17

Giveaway Closed!!

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62 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Giveaway #17

  1. ohhh boxes, that’s my weak spot lol

    I found this quote online, thought it would be nice to share, author unknown.

    “WARNING: Scrapbooking can be hazardous to your wealth.”

  2. Those look really neat!!! Would love to win them.

    Your making me want to go clean out my scrap room and see what I don’t use that I can let go. Spring scrapbook cleaning, here I come….

    Thanks for sharing…and motiviating…

    -Samantha (Wife2TJ)

  3. OMG Samantha- With all of these awesome giveaways you are offering,I am truly curious just to get a peek at your scrap room and your stash of keeper goodies!

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