I am Getting THE Cake!

**I  am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me!  Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different  machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

Ok so this is pretty much totally not scrap related, but bear with me!!  I just ordered the Cricut Cake Machine!!!!!!  I have been trying to learn everything I can about this awesome machine because I have grand dreams of baking gorgeous cakes and cookies and oh gosh, I just have so many ideas!!!

This is a very early birthday present. It is going to be from Johnny and my mom. They really didn’t want me to get it, because they think it is kind of weird, but my goal is to convince them that it is worth it by making them a delicious cake! HA HA HA  I can’t wait to finally see it in real life and play! It is going to be fun! I will keep ya posted and I plan on doing some special Cake segments in the future 🙂


The only thing scrap related is. . . the Cricut cartridges are interchangeable for ALL CRICUT MACHINES so that mean, I can decorate cakes with the cartridges I already have AND I can cut paper with the cake cartridges!  Cricut is starting a whole line of cartridges specifically geared towards cake decorators but they still have awesome images for paper crafters as well so I plan on using them for both.


And here is a shot of the Cake Basics cartridge!

It also came with the Elegant Cakes cartridge. I don’t have a photo of that one handy though.

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8 thoughts on “I am Getting THE Cake!

  1. I am super excited for you!! When you get it, and start decorating, will you post about the taste of the gum paste and frosting sheets please? I HATE the taste of fondant and worry the gum paste tastes the same. Otherwise it would be so much fun to use.


  2. That’s great Samantha. I wanted one for my 50th birthday yesterday. Instead I didn’t even get a cake.

    Thank you for the win. That’s awesome and my only gift.


  3. Congrats hon, enjoy it 🙂 I plan on getting one next year sometime. I have decorated cakes with way with putting little stars all over them, but I’m anxious to try creating the fancy designs and such.

  4. VERY cool! I’m just hoping to win one somewhere online. I just ordered Robotz this week for my to-be 3yr old’s bday party. I’d LOVE to be able to have matching cupcakes without having to stencil them!!!

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