Spring Cleaning Giveaway #11

Giveaway Closed!!

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69 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Giveaway #11

  1. Another long joke, suggested by the hubby!

    A duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender for corn. The bartender says “We have no corn, get out of here.” So the duck leaves. The next day he comes back and asks for corn again, and the bartender says “I told you, we don’t have any corn! Get out!” So the duck leaves. The next day he goes in again and asks for corn, and the bartender says, “For the last time, we don’t have corn! If you ever come back, I’m going to nail those webbed feet of yours to the floor!” So the duck leaves. The next day the duck comes and asks, “Do you have any nails?” The bartender says, “No, of course not. Why would a bar have nails?” The duck then says, “Good. Can I have some corn?

  2. This is an amazing prize/giveaway! This is a tool that I have been wanting to get to cut my photos but I promised no more “buying” tools for awhile…LOL!
    Thanks for another opportunity!

  3. oh wow a circle cutter now i really am getting excited..i dont have any circle punches or a die cutting machine so this would really open up my art and craft..i am keeping all things crossed. ty for the try..jan

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