Spring Cleaning Giveaway #31

All week long be sure to check back often because I am going to have multiple giveaway posts everyday. giveaway details click here!  Each giveaway will be assigned a number, they are not in order so don’t panic if you see a number out of order, but they are just there to help me keep all the items straight! LOL

Giveaway closed!

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67 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Giveaway #31

  1. Because it’s Friday and time for a margarita, I felt this one was appropriate!

    A guy goes into a bar, orders twelve beers and starts drinking them as fast as he can. The bartender says, “Dang, why are you drinking so fast?” The guy says, “You would be drinking fast if you had what I had.” The bartender says, “What do you have?” The guy says, “75 cents.”

  2. From the picture this one looks like a nice mix of stuff. 🙂 I think its wonderful that your sharing your stash with everyone. very sweet of you.

  3. Hi Samantha. Its Jan here again happy good friday to you.. thank you once again for the chance to enter your mega giveaway week..hugs to you

  4. How cool, it looks like I am the first comment today – I just discovered about “following” and boy, is that fun. Love your blog. And of course, the opportunity to win something….Thanks for cleaning!! Mary L

  5. Samantha. I think I just posted here but didn’t want to chance missing out so please delete if I did duplicate. Please enter me here too.

    Hugs…Tracy 0 your follower

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