Spring Cleaning Giveaway #6

All week long be sure to check back often because I am going to have multiple giveaway posts everyday. giveaway details click here!  Each giveaway will be assigned a number, they are not in order so don’t panic if you see a number out of order, but they are just there to help me keep all the items straight! LOL
Giveaway closed!!

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66 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Giveaway #6

  1. So, someone suggested this to me a while back. They said it was the best and that I would love it. But they didn’t mention that I would be hard pressed to find it in Montana! So, sad. I hope I win this…I bet you’re looking for your joke too! Here it is!
    Where does a penguin keep his money?
    In a snow bank! Hahahahaha! 🙂

  2. Ok, this is a cool tool! It is such a pain to have to pull them off the sheets of paper and then they strettttch and get all messed up. I surely could use one of these, lol.

  3. wow i am simply dotty about this giveaway..what a spot chance to win a super prize..hope my name sticks out from the rest..its seems you are giving away everything that isnt glued down..sticky note to self..i gotta ask myself punk ..do i feel lucky? sorry about the puns jan

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