I am number 334334!

Hey everyone!! I am making a public service announcement :O)


I want YOU to stop texting and talking on the phone while driving. Seriously, I am guilty of talking on the phone while driving. I have never texted while driving, but talking on the phone is dangerous too.

Today, I decided to finally watch the No Phone Zone episode on Oprah’s website and I was horrified and disgusted. We need to make a change. It is everyone’s responsibility.

So I took the No Phone Zone pledge!! I was number 334334. If you have taken the pledge, I salute you!! If not, you REALLY need to watch this episode. Click here to see the episode now!

Click HERE to take the pledge!

Thank you Oprah!!!

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3 thoughts on “I am number 334334!

  1. Good for you! It makes me sick to see so many drivers speaking on their phones. Seems 9 out of 10 cars has someone on the phone behind the wheel. I’m an old lady who has one of those cheap pay as you go phones. I haven’t mastered texting and have decided I can live without learning how. My family knows if I am on the road I wont answer my phone and if they are on the road I refuse to speak to them.
    Good to know one more person will be Hanging up while driving.

  2. i commend you on taking the pledge and while i do not drive i am taking the pledge to not talk or text while walking on busy streets especially at intersections as many people were killed in the toronto downtown doing the above!!! thanks for bringing to our attention!

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