Retiring Colors Update & SP Color Journey!!!

I have an update on the Stampin’ UP retiring colors situation. As I said a few days ago, they are RUNNING OUT of some of the cardstock in some of the retiring colors. This is a difficult situation to be in because if they start making more of the colors that are being discontinued, then they will have to halt the production of the NEW colors, which would be really bad.  Then again, running out of cardstock early is also very bad!

So what Stampin’ UP is going to do is. . . upgrade us to textured cardstock! As the colors run out, they are going to be substituting the textured cardstock in the place of the smooth cardstock. Then when the textured cardstock runs out, then it is gone FOREVER.  I know that some people will not be happy with this solution, but I feel that they are stuck in a very bad situation and I personally love textured cardstock so I kinda hope I am getting an upgrade on some of the cardstock I order :O)

I am sorry for those of you who are interested in the smooth cardstock only. I know that this isn’t ideal BUT at least you will still get your beloved colors!  I can’t stress enough that you should stock up SOONER rather than LATER because you will be sorely disappointed if things run out early! I highly recommend getting the at bare minimum the reinkers and the Stampin’ Pads in your favorite colors because ink pads last for YEARS and YEARS with a reinker!


Because of the retiring colors, I have decided to completely change around my game plan on the blog for the approximately the next two months (through the end of JUNE)…

We are going to concentrate on retiring colors!! I want to give them a proper goodbye and I hope that I can convince you to stock up while you still can so you don’t miss out! I happen to love ALL the Stampin’ UP Colors (including the new ones that will be coming in!) and so we are going to take a “Color Journey”.

I am going to be making special color combo swatches to go along with my projects and I have a couple of tips to share for how to get the most out of your colors!! I am really excited to concentrate on the colors for a little while!  I am still going to be concentrating on a stamp set of the week, because I have LOTS of great stamp sets to share with you!!

(Oh, and the Color Journey is going to continue into July because NEW COLORS are coming out!! WAHOOOOOO!)

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  1. I think they may be running out of reinkers also. I placed an order on Tue. and tried to get a Cameo Coral reinker and got the message it was out of stock.

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