Festive Card

Hey everyone!!

Today was a LONG LONG day. It was day 1 of taking the dogs to the vet for their yearly check-up. Yes, as you can see in my sidebar, we have FIVE dogs, and unfortunately for us, the vet we go to does not make house calls! So today we took three of the girls to the vet and Monday, we will take the other two. Today was the day to take the BAD GIRLS. Mya, Emma, and Bella are all horrible at the vet. Remind me next year to have Emma sedated for her check up!!

First Emma was up, and she pooped and released her anal glands all over the place, all while acting like a rabid dog, squeaking and snarling. Then Mya went and she peed all over herself, she was scared and almost shaking. Then Bella was up and she proceeded to try to jump off of the examination table and screamed (like a Husky!) the whole time she was being looked over. And basically the whole time, Emma was trying to wrap herself around my legs and Bella and Emma both were whimpering. Then to make matters worse, while Emma and Bella get examined, Mya barks at the vet because she thinks the vet is hurting her sisters.

To say the least, we were completely embarrassed!! LMBO!

Anyway, despite the very tiring and excitement filled afternoon, the main thing is our girls are all HEALTHY!! HOORAY!!! Skyeler and Snow are both perfect little angels at the vet so Monday won’t be nearly as exciting.

So… if you made it through my exciting doggie story, here is a festive card for you!! Yep, it is another Christmas in July card!

This card was made with the SP July Card Kit and the gorgeous brown ribbon is from the SP July Ribbon Kit.


The stamped image is from the Winter Post stamp set with the new Cherry Cobbler Classic Ink.

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