The Cricut Imagine!

**I am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me! Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

THIS MACHINE IS A PIECE OF CRAP DO NOT BUY IT! It does not work as they say it does!!

OK So I don’t have all of the details, but something AWESOME is coming!!!

Here is a photo from Deseret News:


Here is what the trademark application says about the Cricut Imagine:
“Electronic cutting and printing machines for cutting and printing on paper, cardboard, plastic, and other materials in flat form, and accessories therefor; blades for electronic cutting machines”

The next tidbit is quoted from RachelL from the CCMB (Thank you Rachel!! You rock)
Here’s basically how it works:

You can cut, (new carts and all our current carts will work)


you can print(ink is the same price as a normal printer)

-OR- (add drumroll)

you can print a design AND cut it out in one easy step….AWESOME!!
To Print AND Cut, the paper you want to use is put on a mat (cool, new and improved one!) then it runs through

the top of the machine to print,

then it RELOADS ITSELF in the back and runs back through to the front and gets cut out perfectly!!

I for one CANNOT WAIT to hear more about this machine!!! I am so excited to see what it will do! I am hoping to be able to find out more for you at CHA!

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