Another Short Novel

Hey everyone!! I decided to wait until today to post my SPCC scallop card (which is coming up after this)  because yesterday was a long and excitement filled day. I came home exhausted and went to bed early! LOL

My project details will be posted in just a few, but first I want to tell you about my first day of graphic design school! My schedule actually changes EVERYday so it is going to be an interesting semester, but it is off to a wonderful start! Yesterday I had a total of 4 classes with about an hour and a half break between the third and last class. And on Tuesdays (today), I  have only one class at the big university.

So my day yesterday started out with my first three classes, Intro to Mac (learning how to use the Mac itself, CS5 Photoshop, CS5 Illustrator, and CS5 InDesign), Design Fundamentals, and Photography. All three are going to be tough courses (I am basically laying my design foundation and learning how to do my  graphic design portfolio) but I am going to learn SOOOOOOO much. I know they are going to be great classes. I already like my professors and I can’t wait to get started learning everything I need to know. I am really going to have fun with these!

THEN I had a pretty big break, so I came home (the community college is about 20 minutes away from my home) so I could let the doggies go potty outside. Now usually, my mother is home, but my grandma has been really sick so she is in TX with her. The doggies are usually never left alone for more than an hour or two EVER and some days they are with someone at home every hour in the day, between mom, Johnny, and me. We don’t like leaving them alone, even though they have each other. It is just not what we do.  Anyway, so with my mom gone, I had been really anxious about leaving them alone all morning so I rushed home and let them go potty and give them some loving.

This is where my day got really LONG!!! LOL  Right after I let the girls out in the back yard, I noticed little Emma had chewed her own hair off of a about a 3 inch patch on her back, right above her tail!!! I mean she chewed it down to the skin and the skin was all puffy and red and raw looking, it was awful!! I of course panic because I knew immediately that this was pretty serious and called the vet to set up an emergency appointment. Emma is the puppy and I couldn’t bear to see her hurting. As you loyal readers already know, she has had it so rough in her young life. I had a sneaking suspicion that she got into some poison ivy (my fiance and I had been working in the yard over the weekend to get rid of it because Emma likes to roll around in the grass and we watched her rub up against it before).  Well it turns out, she did have an allergic reaction to poison ivy and so we got some cream and a cone fitted around her head so I could go to my last class.

After all was said and done, I had to rush home and drop her off and then rush back to school for my last class, which I was almost 10 minutes late for! WHEW! My fiance rushed home from his last class with some Benadryl for our little baby and took the cone off of her head.

Now, my last class of the day is a drawing class. It is going to be one of my favorite things because of my history with art, which I will go into for you. During elementary school up through high school, I took lots of fine arts classes (mostly acrylic painting classes, but I took classes in other various things too like ceramics, sculpture, pastels, watercoloring). When I was  younger, I wanted to be an artist up until about the second grade when a family friend (who was a professional artist, a painter) told me, “You really don’t wait to be an artist, there is no money in it” and she always tried to discourage me from the fine arts. I really took what she had said to heart, and I got into the mindset that I would have to be absolutely crazy to become an artist (ironic, huh?!) So I still took the classes and enjoyed it as a hobby, but definitely didn’t consider trying to make a career out of it!! I’ve always kept some supplies on hand and loved to sketch and doodle.

That finally brings me back to the drawing class. The whole time he was telling us about the class and the materials we would be using, he had my attention 150%. I rushed across town to the art shop he recommended going to and when I got there, it was AMAZING!! I had never seen anything like it! They had pens, pencils, chalks, pigments, inks, paints, a wall of COPICS, tons of various specialty papers, painting supplies, just everything.  The lady who was helping me got me everything off my list that I needed and almost $130 later, I was out the door with tons of supplies.

And today, Emma is doing much better. She does not like the cream, but it is helping her not to scratch. She is definitely getting babied a lot more than usual though (she’s already pretty spoiled to begin with, he he he).

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  1. Wow, sounds amazing! I use a Mac myself (along with multiple PC machines *LOL*) and I want to learn how to do more with it. I really want to learn to use Gimp fully for photo editing and that type of thing. There’s SO much to learn out there.

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