Meet the REAL Sami & 200K Celebration Giveaway Day 4

Hi everyone!

I titled this post, Meet the Real Sami because I would like to talk with you about my life in general and where I am headed. For those if you who have been around for a while, you know that I am a first time college student (meaning I am in my early 20’s) and I am young and haven’t yet decided on my career aspirations. Some people out there haven’t really taken me seriously in the scrapbooking community because I am so young, and really I don’t blame them. I understand where they are coming from because young people are different to say the least! LOL

Lately, I haven’t really talked about the important things going on so I wanted to fill you in a bit on what has been happening in my inner world.

This is very long winded so if you would like to skip on down to the giveaway, feel free to do so :O)

Earlier today I had my Botox treatment for migraine prevention. This was my fourth Botox treatment and the fourth one hurts just as bad as the 1st. I am writing to you from the couch, propped up on some comfy pillows LOL. Anyway, yesterday I had planned on telling you some fun and personal things, but lovely blogger had a hiccup and so I am going to rewrite it for you today.

Over the past couple of years, I have been sucked deeper and deeper into the scrapbooking world. I absolutely love everything about the scrapbook world. I love patterned paper, I love stamps,  I love tools.  I just love it all. I am very passionate about pretty much every aspect of design and I am completely enamored with color. I have really enjoyed my time here in the online community of scrapbooking and would like nothing better than to be here for as long as I can.

And at the same time, I have been going to college, studying things that I have absolutely no passion for.  So I have been having an internal struggle to try to find the path I want to take in this life. At the same time, my migraine problems really complicated things.

Going to class and studying was hard enough for me to do when I was healthy, but it was practically impossible when I was so ill all the time. Due to my illness, having a traditional career was looking more and more impossible.

I have had to make some serious decisions. Do I continue down the straight and narrow pathway and continue with biochemistry even when I have to fight my body, or do I follow my passion and work towards a less traditional career? I have really battled with this decision. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was a child, but when it comes down to it, what I thought I had wanted isn’t really truly what I wanted after all. I think the migraines were my body’s way of trying to tell my mind what I should do all along. It is hard to let go of a dream, even if it isn’t right for you. And as I let go of the dream to pursue medicine, and as my love for scrapbooking grew, I was really only left with following my true passion.

So I began to consider a career in the paper crafting industry. But do I want to be a professional designer, a teacher, on the corporate side of things, work for another company, run my own business??? There are so many options to consider and it can be a bit overwhelming.

I became a Stampin’ UP demonstrator so that I could get my own discount, not so I could make money. I just sort of fell into the sales side of things. But as much as I love my Stampin’ UP products, I don’t want to sell it for a career. People tell me all the time how great of a salesperson I am, and I find that completely hilarious because I honestly don’t know anything about sales!! I honestly just love the Stampin’ UP products and if you stick around my blog for a while, you know that. I am not really interested in the sales side of things for a career.

Well, after much thought and consideration.  I have finally decided what I want to do. And that is the reason I got the MACBOOK!! Can you guess?

I have FINALLY decided that I would like to go into graphic design!! So, let’s talk about school for a moment. . . I am two classes away from getting my bachelors degree in biochemistry and psychology. I am still taking those two classes this coming semester and I will still be graduating in December. BUT in two weeks, I am also going to be starting my studies in graphic design. I have signed up for classes at the local community college and I plan on getting an associates degree in communication graphics technology (AKA graphic design geared slightly towards the online world).

So this is where I am! Two weeks away from getting into the world of serious graphic design and I could not be happier with my decision. I feel like I finally figured out this big mystery in my life and I am excited that I am going to finally be moving toward something I feel completely passionate about. I know that a lot of people go through this same struggle to find their place and so I really felt like sharing my story.

This means something for you as my readers because I am going to be posting a little more about graphic design at times. This coming semester is going to be incredibly difficult for me because I am going to be taking classes at two different schools and rather than having only two courses, I am going to be taking a total of 5 courses which is a full time load.

This also means. . . you are stuck with me FOR GOOD! LOL  I am going to be here for a long long time and I don’t plan on going anywhere!  I can actually say, this blog has changed my life!

And I am absolutely in love with the teaching side of things so I will continue to share and teach through SPU.

I am excited and ready to start learning graphic design!! Can’t wait!

Whew, did you make it through that story alright? I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (for the second time LOL).

OK ok ok finally what you have all been waiting for. . . the GIVEAWAY!!! YIPPEE!!

The giveaway for day 4 is. . . a Stampin’ UP STAMP SET!!! The set I am giving away is a clear mount (unmounted) set called Apple Blossom. This is a hostess level 3 stamp set from the new Idea Book and Catalog. Ask me how I can get you ready for a virtual catalog party today!

This card was made with the Apple Blossoms set:


Gorgeous huh?!

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This giveaway ends on Wednesday August 18th at midnight EST. 


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54 thoughts on “Meet the REAL Sami & 200K Celebration Giveaway Day 4

  1. Sami- I am totally with you! I’m only 24 and I have an almost 3 year old; I work full time, and I’m a full time student too! It took me almost 4 years to decide what I was going to go back to school for and some days I still wonder if I picked the right thing.

    I honestly just love seeing your creations. You work is very inspiring. Thank you for all sharing all your creative ideas!

  2. It’s awesome that you’re going to pursue something different. You’re going to be quite busy with 5 classes. Congrats!

    You’re also doing a great job with the blog. It’s very informative!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! And good luck with all those classes! Sounds like you will have your hands full. I think you are doing great. I like to see more of the same. I would also be interested in more Stampin Up product shares.

  4. It can be difficult letting go of a childhood dream but when they aren’t right we must follow our hearts. I am so happy to hear you will be doing that and that you will continue on here.
    I’m a visual learner so technique tutorials and explanations are always helpful. Looking forward to you sharing the world of graphic design too.
    Thanks for a chance to win this give away.
    Hugs & Blessings Bernie

  5. Wow! That’s awesome that you are taking that leap and doing what you enjoy most!!

    Not really sure what I want to see more of…. more cards, more tutorials… hmm.. I always like what you come up with so I’m sure whatever you post will be wonderful!1
    (I would like to see your card kits available to Canadians though!!)

  6. Congrats on your career decision. I really enjoy your blog but your videos are really hard for me to see so I would enjoy it if that were fixed. (Tried to watch the imagine video and it is all orange)

  7. UGH, honey, the migraine thing… i feel your pain and i’m anxious to hear how it all ends up! been a sufferer for MANY years and sometimes they just put me out of commission for DAYS ON END! i’m sorry that they got in the way of your plans for yourself, but YAY for figuring out where you’d like to go from here! i love your outlook, and i wish you ALL the success in the world! (and you know i’ll be around watchin’ it all go down!) 😀

  8. I am a follower. I would like to see you continue to show examples of cards made with SU stamp sets. Just work your way through the current Idea Book and Catalog. Thanks for a chance to win. Iris

  9. You just made me feel old. I knew that you were young, just not quite so young. In fact, you are younger than ALL of my children and already determined that you need a career that makes you happy. Sometimes it takes a kick in the butt or a smack upside the head to make us look at our future in a realistic way instead of as a long-ago dream. Maybe that’s what the migraines were trying to tell you. It is important to your future health, physical and emotional, to do what you love and to love what you do. Education is never a waste of time. Your degree may come in handy some day, but it doesn’t have to define who you are. Congratulations on making such a courageous choice. I can’t wait to hear where your new pathway will take you!

  10. I am glad to hear that you are going to go into something that you know you will enjoy. Graphic Design has alway seemed like a fun path to me. I wish you the best of luck!!

    I always love seeing tutorials on blogs and it is fun to see them on yours, so I will say more tutorials.

    Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win this beautiful stamp set. I love the card you created with it.

    Amy ♥

  11. Congratulations on your decision Samantha! I would love to be a Graphic Designer too! In Peru I was an OB/GYN and here I am a SAHM, love it very much, but I really love designing things too.

    Congrats again!
    God bless.

  12. Congrats on your decision. I think your blog is great and can’t see anything to change. Thanks for a chance to win.

    cricut mb

  13. I think it is wonderful that you put a personal touch to your business. I think when you perosonalize something you do and have fun doing it you have no choice but to SUCCEED! Best of luck to you!

    I changed my major twice. I went from Legal Secretary to Criminal Justice. I have more credits then I need to graduate but I dropped it all and became a Mom. It was a hard decision but the most rewarding one I have ever made!

  14. I’m so glad you have been able to make make this very important decision and be at peace with it. I know you’ve put a lot of hard work into college so far, but I’m sure something good will come out of that, as well. I wish you well with the rest of your schooling as you will be going for quite some time to come. I especially wish you well with this next semester coming up with classes at two different schools. Thanks for giving us a personal look at what you are going through. Rejoice that you will be going into a career you are and can be passionate about — many people don’t find out what that is until late in life or even when it’s much too late. Thank you for the opportunity to win the stamp set. I really don’t know what else I would like to see on your blog. I’ve gotten some great ideas from you from your blog. Thanks so much!

  15. Hey congratulations on your decision. It is wonderful that the weight of “not knowing what to do” has been lifted off your shoulders. I’m excited to see where you go from here with the Graphic Design. I am new here (just became a follower today as a matter of fact) so what else I would like to see on your blog is more videos. I love videos (they really help me ‘get it’ sometimes with specific techniques – KWIM). Thanks for your generous spirit.

  16. Sounds like it’s been a tough road. Glad you found a way to incorporate what you love to do! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! I don’t have any Stampin’ Up products but from all of the great things I hear I’m sure I’ll break down and buy some eventually. (I’m worried that if I start buying I won’t be able to stop!)

    I’d like to see more projects you do! Thanks!

  17. I’m so happy for you and your decision! You won’t regret it as there is nothing better than a career doing something you enjoy! I think your blog is great!

  18. Congratulations on finding out what you really want to do, I think that choosing your degree is very hard, I’ve been there myself lol my best wishes as you start your graphic design career. I think I will like to see more videos 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win! I’m a follower.

  19. You must be so relieved!! Making such a life-changing decision is awesome…good for you! Life is too short…go for it!

    I enjoy your blog … I wouldn’t change a thing…

  20. Graphic design huh! Way to go! That is what I wish I would have done myself. My sister tells me its not too late but I don’t know. Anyways good luck to you and thank you for your giveaways! I love your blog and the tutorials 😀

  21. I just found your blog recently, so I would like to see more of the same 🙂 I enjoy seeing all the SU products in use! Thanks for the giveaway!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Yes, I made it thru your whole post while eating my lunch at work, but I am happy for you being able to pursue what truly inspires you. Congrats! Just think, once it is all over, you will be so smart!


  23. i am so happy for you! your story brought me to tears, tears of joy for your self actualization! life is a journey! i felt in my heart that you were destined to be in the creative world, i mentioned in a previous post of your enthusiasm!!! as long as you are here, i will be here! i congratulate you on this decision and i know that there will be some difficult times but as you have your eye on the prize now, it will help you seek the strength and you have the support of your fiance to work through it!!!

  24. Sam, I’m happy for you that you’ve chosen a path that you feel passionate about. As you mentioned, it’s really hard to “find your way”. My daughter is still trying to find hers. 🙁
    I’m sure she will, in time.

    I can’t think of anything else, that you already do on your blog. Just keep doin’ the same thing and it’ll make me happy. 🙂

  25. Sami, I am so jealous! I wish I had known years ago about graphic designers as that would have been my career choice, but now I’m retired so just appreciate what others do. You Stampin’ Up demos amaze me. Love that Apple Blossom set, and the only way I’ll ever get a 3rd level hostess gift is to win one. Sorry to hear about your migraines but hope you get relief. Your health is #1 so take care of yourself! Thanks again for another chance to be a winner & congrats on 200K hits!
    bdlakebum at yahoo dot com

  26. Congrats on the “solidification” of your future plans but I also think it’s great you’re going to finish your degree. I know a few people that just stopped when they changed their minds and they were so close. Even if you don’t use it, 2 classes is worth the degree. I’m looking forward to some of your graphic design posts and how they blend with stamping when you start taking those classes!

  27. Samantha, congratulations on figuring out your life path! I wish you all the luck with your graphic design studies and I have no doubt that you will be fantastic at it! Looking forward to what you will be sharing with us as always!


  28. Congratulations on your career/school decision! That is very exciting! I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up! Thank you for the chance to win!

  29. Whew!! Yes I read ALL of it!! I think that is great that you are pursuing another venture and to be honest you are among the few people I know to realize this so early on in life! Heck I am going to be 29 in a few weeks and still am not 100 percent sure!! I have changed my mind a few times and I have a bachelors degree in a field I no longer really care about working in….so my saga continues! I think the average person changes careers like 4 times in their life!

    As for what else I want to see on your blog….hmmmm, tough question. Maybe some more tutorials! I like tutorials!! 🙂

    Hope your head feels better!

  30. I would like to win this set. Please enter me.
    I am subscribed to you.

    You are going to be one busy person taking 5 classes! Hope they are all a breeze!

  31. It’s better now and not realize more trade!
    I studied graphic design, and it’s really exciting that I have no doubt that you will not regret it! Greetings!

  32. Good for you!! You are very lucky to be so young and realizing you aren’t sure of the apth you want to take. I think we all go thru that but for whatever reason we go with what has been planned for us or what we think that everyone esle thinks we should do. Only to find out years later we are stuck in a job that we don’t like, doesn’t challenge us and leaves us empty and unfulfilled. I totally agree that your headaches are a way of your body telling you to slow down and rethink things. I am a migraine sufferer as well but I have no clue what my headaches are telling me…..LOL. I wish you the best of luck in chasing your dream! And you have inspired me to do the same….cept I am an old lady at 42… But I am very passionate about scrapping and I want so badly to be published! Just push on Sami!!! We can all achieve what ever we want in life if we just DO IT!!!! (sorry so long winded….lol)

  33. I am so glad you decided to follow your heart! I am trying to advance and broaden my paper crafting abilities and career, I hope you have another DT, cause I’m still disappointed in myself for not trying out the first time! I can’t wait to see what you do with graphics! I would like you to maybe do challenges.

  34. OH MY GOODNESS–this card is super beautiful! I love the colors and the whole design:) Great stuff!

    Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life with Graphic Designing!! HOW FUN!

    I love what you share on the blog–I do love seeing new technique tutorials and explanations because I’m a visual learner!!

    Thanks for everything:)

  35. Congrats on your decision! I was a graphic design major myself…but I didn’t finish college, so I didn’t really get to take the fun classes at all.

    I would like to see layout ideas. I’m mostly a scrapper, and there seems to be a whole lot of card ideas out there, but not so many layout ideas.

    Good luck in your future 🙂

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