Cricut Imagine Cartridges -Coming Soon!

**I  am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me!  Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different  machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

Cricut Imagine cartridge previews are here! These are Cricut IMAGINE cartridges so they will only work in the Cricut Imagine machine that comes out Sept 14th. All the other cartridges will work in ALL the machines, but the Cricut Imagine cartridges don’t.  That is because the Imagine cartridges have paper patterns and colors programmed into them!!  If you haven’t yet heard the buzz about the Cricut Imagine, take a peek at my Imagine demo video by clicking here!

So far this is what I have found!

Yummy Imagine Cartridge:


Kate’s Kitchen Cricut Imagine Cartridge:

Best Friends Cricut Imagine Cartridge:

Nursery Tails Cricut Imagine Cartridge (yes, it is being spelled Tails everywhere I have seen it):

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