Imagine Episode: Set up and new Booklets

**I  am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me!  Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different  machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

Hello everyone!!

Let me tell you. . . I am having so much fun with my Cricut Imagine!! I have really gotten some cool things figured out with the machine and I can tell I am going to be using it A LOT.  So I have uploaded my first videos all mixed up, but this should have been my first one since it shows you how the set up works.  I am sure someone will find this video handy :O)

I also show you the new Imagine booklets and cases. The Imagine cartridges are different from the regular cartridges (which are now called Original Cartridges).

Imagine Set Up and A look at the new Imagine Cartridges:

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