Camera Frustration Day 5 Part 2

Hey all!  Here is my part two!

Giveaway closed!!

I am so frustrated right now, my camera’s memory card is being super funky lately. I can’t take a photo of my project I had planned to go along with this giveaway, BUT we are going to go ahead with this awesome giveaway anyways!  When I get my camera issues under control, I will share a project with you.

If you can recall, a while back Adtech contacted me to review their Glue Runners and I fell in LOVE with them. Well again, Adtech is sponsoring an awesome giveaway here at SP!

Today’s giveaway was graciously donated by the folks at Adtech. Adtech is short for Adhesive Technologies and that is exactly what they are all about. They make all sorts of industrial and consumer adhesives and this week. You can check them out here:  I got a chance to play with one of there awesome glue guns and what might be the neatest hot glue ever!! I am talking about the Glow In The Dark hot glue!!! It ROCKS! And it really glows!



And I had a super spooky project ready to share, but I will have to share it with you another time.

So for this giveaway, I am going to be giving away TWO packs of Glow in The Dark Mini Gluesticks two THREE lucky readers. That means you will have three chances to win!

All I ask is that you are a follower of SP (click on the Follow button in the right sidebar) and leave me a comment below this post.

If you would be so kind, please stop by the Adtech Facebook page and tell them thank you for sponsoring a giveaway here at SP!! Please show them some love because they have been totally awesome!

This giveaway will close on Friday November 5th at Midnight EST.


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17 thoughts on “Camera Frustration Day 5 Part 2

  1. What next? How timely to have “glow in the dark” hot glue sticks. Too bad we can’t see your sample showing results. Ad Tech’s adhesive is my favorite (price is right too). Not into Facebook so can’t let them know. Feel free to share my comment with them though and thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Oh wow, how cool is that. I have never heard of glow in the dark hot glue. The projects are just racing thru my head. Thanks for the chance to win!

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