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Hey everyone!! I hope you have all had a nice relaxing weekend! I sure have. It was a great weekend just lounging around and getting some things done around the house.

Tonight, I am going to get the SPCC winners posted for last week and this week (I know I totally stink at that, Stephanie is finally back in computerland so hopefully she can pick back up with the winners after this week!) AND I am going to pick the winners for my Fun Friday giveaway that was sponsored by Adtech:

Before I post all the winner goodness, I want to share some of my photography with you! As my loyal followers might remember, this semester I started taking graphic design classes and one of the classes I am taking is called Digital Photography. Well, I have been having an absolute BLAST learning how to actually use my Digital SLR (yeah, I have had it for over a year and didn’t know how to use it! LOL).

So below are some of my photos from my first three class projects. I had to concentrate on some various things.

First up, some motion freeze shots, mostly of Emma jumping at bubbles. Mya snuck into some of the photos too.


Panning shot with Johnny and Emma:

Panning shot of Johnny chasing after Emma who is chasing after Bella:

And some still life photography:

Are you interested in photography? Would you like me to do some posts just about photography and post some basic info on how to use your Digital SLR?

I have always been drawn to photography, I guess that is why scrapbooking interested me so much. I don’t know how many cameras I have had over the years, I would always ask for new ones when a cool new one would come out 🙂

Anyway, these were some of my better shots that I took for my projects.  I will get some winners posted for y’all! Be back soon!

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