50 Days of Christmas: Day 21: Snow! Layout

Hey everyone!!

Today has been a rough day, to say the least. I am a migraine sufferer with severe migraine disease and I have been getting Botox treatment for Migraine prevention every 3 months. Well this morning was my 5th treatment. The 5th one hurt just as bad as the first 🙁

It only took until the 5th one for me to actually count how many injections I was receiving. I am sure it probably varies slightly from treatment to treatment, but today I received 41 injections (around my neck, forehead, sides of my head, and base of my head).

So I came home and took it easy. Layed in bed and read, then took a nap.  I will be sore for the next few days, but more importantly practically MIGRAINE FREE for at least 3 more months!!! WAHOO!!

And I tell you all this, why? Because I know many of you are also migraine sufferers and I want you to know that the Botox treatments really worked for me! My hope is that someone will read this and ask their doctor about it and hopefully get relief!

Enough migraine talk! Let’s talk 50 Days of Christmas. Since we are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, I had to clear my scrapbook stuff off the dining room table and was not able to craft for the last couple of days. BUT I have been playing around with digi scrapping using My Memory Suite!! This is a digital program from one of my brand new affiliates! Please click on their link under my advertisers and affiliates section to see this awesome program. It is actually really affordable and user friendly.

Tonight I made this little beauty:

stuff-001 copy

I saved it with the wrong settings so the image isn’t very crisp, but you get the idea 🙂

These are photos from a snowy day.  The papers and most of the elements I used are digi papers and elements from Echo Park’s All I want for Christmas digi collection, available at Jessicasprague.com
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