50 Days of Christmas: Day 40: Stamps, Stamps, and more stamps!

Hello everyone!!

Wow, there is so much going on this week over in SP-Land! I feel as free as a bird now that I have finally graduated. I still have to finish my graphic design final exams tomorrow and Friday but those are really for fun though LOL.

So behind the scenes, I have been working on so much! I have been working on analyzing the survey results from the survey I invited my readers (YOU) to take. (You can still take the survey by clicking here!). The results have given me so much valuable information about where SP needs to go for next year.

I have been working to put a list of things together so that I can try to accomplish all that I want to accomplish here at SP.  I am very hopeful for the future of SP and I love where we are heading.

Today I finally got a chance to sit down and finalize my next 12 SP and Company stamp set designs *yes, you saw that right, TWELVE new sets are coming!*.

My manufacturer has approved the designs, and they are starting production this week! I am so excited! I am so proud of these designs, they are just fantastic!! You are going to stamp like a pro with these beauties. I am serious, they are just going to take your stamping to a whole new place.

They are delicious!! I hope you will love them just as much as I do. I have to start working on the packaging and get the store ready for them!

So. . . did you think I was going to talk about all these beautiful stamps without at least giving you a sneak peek? Well, of course I am going to give you a peek!

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming SP and Company stamp set. It is such a fun and lovely stamp set!! It might just be my favorite stamp set to date (oh, who am I kidding? ALL of the SP and Company stamp sets are my favorites!!)


I really can’t wait for you to see them all. I feel like a little kid on Christmas day! LOL. You will be seeing them all soon enough, I hope!

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