Constructive Criticism Wanted

Hi folks,

I have a meeting with someone at PC on Friday and would like to bring up any and all issues that need to be discussed. What I am asking for is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, no ranting or venting please.

If you would rather not put your comments/concerns in the comments section below, please feel free to send me an email.

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6 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism Wanted

  1. I saw that your meeting got postponed so I hope it’s ok if I add something! It’s been said before, actually, but I really think their customer service needs a major overhaul and much improvement. I had a horrible experience with them months ago and it took forever to get an issue resolved. Everything they promised, they never followed through on, and every person I talked to gave me a completely different story. Nobody ever got back to me, and it wasn’t until I threatened them with a letter to the CEO and BBB that I got my issue resolved…but I think that was getting close to 3 months after the fact. It was actually because of that experience that I have essentially stopped buying cartridges because I am afraid of having another problem with one and then having to deal with PC customer service. I have been out of the loop for a while so I have no idea why the meeting was set up, but I wish you luck!!

  2. While I’m still a “new” cricut owner, I would really love to know if they are actually going to do something about the mistakes that are in their carts. Example: The two riffles in the Stand and Salute, for a cart that is suppose to support our troops, it’s dishonoring them. I would really love for them to fix all the “little” mistakes like that in their carts, and really REALLY check them before releasing them out to the public.

  3. I don’t have any specific concerns that haven’t already been addressed, but I would agree that PC’s customer service could use a lot of help. My main reason for commenting is to support you because I saw the nastiness directed at you on the MB (didn’t want to comment there and add to the drama). Hang in there! You seem like a nice young woman who deserves to be treated respectfully. And thanks for taking our concerns to PC!

  4. Hi Sam,
    First off thanks for asking for our input. I am not going to ask about the craftroom, cuz I am sure we will know more once it gets close to being released.
    I would like to ask PC for a Gypsy update regarding the photo app. I have alot of items stored there, like cards, layouts, sketches etc. I would like there to be an option to where we can add folders. So I can have each category stored.
    Hope that makes sense

  5. The Provo Craft executive team needs to take a leadership role in making customer service their top priority. This company could seriously benefit by allowing their company vision, mission and values guide them as they make decisions. In my experience Provo Craft has failed to follow through on their commitments to their customers. The one time I emailed them, it took 2 months to receive a generic response which had nothing to do with my question. Provo Craft also continues to release new products without addressing issues with products currently on the market. This lack of accountability to the customer lessens the company’s credibility. Provo Craft also has failed to update the rewards site as they have made a commitment to doing. And it is just plain annoying that they would terminate your circle membership early. With the monoply that Provo Craft has on scrapbooking items, they really could take a time out and take a look at the company’s mission, vision and values which may help guide them to the customer service they should be providing.

    I appreciate the opportunity to comment and hope that Provo Craft would take this criticism and use it in a positive manner to become a leading company. This can only be done if they are willing to peel the layers back and take a harsh look at the internal operations of the company. Again, Provo Craft, allow your vision, mission and values to guide you in your operations.

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