My Meeting with ProvoCraft

 **I  am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me!  Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different  machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!! You can join the boycott too!**

EDITED TO ADD: I have added additional information to some places on April 24th 2011, those comments are in GREEN!

So I just got done with my meeting with a very nice person from PC. We talked for 2 hours and got through a bunch of questions!

Meeting Details:
Of course, I can’t begin to explain everything that we talked about because we talked for 2 hours! And of course, I am sworn to secrecy on some of the things we talked about, but I can tell you certain things and I can tell you how I feel after talking with someone.

Initially, what sparked this whole meeting was my frustration with getting kicked out of the Circle 3 days early. Apparently there was some sort of glitch and many of us non-renewing members were kicked out early. The problem was fixed approx 10 hours after it happened, but no one was notified and I was never told by the admin, I was simply told to stop complaining! (This brought up communication issues which we discussed at length, some details are below).

Everyone knows (and if you don’t know, I will repeat it again), I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my PC products that I do have, I have multiple machines, many many cartridges, and I do my darndest to tell people how amazing the Cricut is. That has never been my issue. My issue is the customer service and communications.
I no longer talk about PC and my Cricut in a good light because due to some additional things, I have decided that PC will no longer get any of my money. I still like the stuff I do have, and will continue to use it, but I cannot in good conscience support such a company.

My initial impression from my meeting is that they are truly trying to improve their communication and customer service issues. I am convinced that they are trying to improve as they grow as a company. It may take longer than some of us expect (as in I wanted it done yesterday, LOL) but they are striving to make improvements. I will try my best to be more patient, but I will continue to express the need for improvements when I feel they aren’t being addressed in a timely manner. I know things won’t all be perfect overnight, but things can progress better than they do at some times. . .
I am adding this comment MONTHS LATER, and sadly nothing has changed!!

Below are some things I gathered from my conversation:
* and all the website things are currently being worked on. In the process some changes will be made to the format of and some changes will come to the MB. I am under the impression that they are working on making communication improvements in the process of making some IT changes.
I was told that there would be more communication with PC, like a weekly Q&A time with a PC employee. . . hasn’t happened yet!!

*I made sure to mention that some people had expressed the wish to have ONE centralized location to receive all communications and they took note of this so hopefully they can figure out one centralized location that is effective for us (maybe a certain page on, a tab called news? who knows, I just made suggestions for this part).
They continue to post sparse info and have yet to post in one centralized location!

*Rewards: The shipping issues have been worked on and they should now be fixed. The shipping prices should be correct. From what I gathered, they are working to update the rewards site on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. I know some of us watch the rewards site like every single day. From what I was told, there are some plans to get some fun things added to the rewards site (including some things I have heard some MB members mentioning that they wanted). Brand New cartridges will NOT be added to the rewards site because of contracts and such with retailers (it wouldn’t be fair to the retailers).
The rewards site STILL says “updated weekly” but it definitely has not been updated even close to that often, maybe once a month? Probably not even that often.

*Message board: There will be meetings later this week at PC to discuss the MB and how to make the MB a better place for everyone. I gave my ideas and the comments that others had sent to me and they made notes of some possible changes that could be made.
I haven’t seen any changes so I think this was all talk.

**I made sure to mention the following MB related points: Slow MB(which I assume will be changed once they are done with the website overhaul), the cyber bullying that goes on sometimes (this WILL be addressed in the meeting for sure!), specific members who are constantly and consistently RUDE to other members, the wish for off topic posts to be moved to an off topic section, the lack of consistent rule enforcement, and others (but I can’t think of them all right now! LOL)
The cyber bullying still continues. The only person banned from the Cricut MB was ME!! LOL I mentioned a boycott before there even was a boycott and BAM, I was banned.

*For now if you have MB related issues/questions, the best person to contact is AdminBecky, but once changes come to the MB, there might be others who you can contact with MB related issues/questions.
Admin Becky has been laid off.

*Customer Service: There should be an announcement coming down to us regarding the best customer service number and email. If you have sent an email and do not get a response within a few business days, then call. I have been told that it is not acceptable for you to have to wait a month or 6wks for a response to an email or PM to admin. If this has happened to you, call. If you call and can’t get through in a reasonable amount of time, please contact AdminBecky. Problems like this are not acceptable and should not continue to happen. PC has been working on this and will continue to work on this. As of now, they are not a 24/7 customer service operation, but they are trying to hire on more CS people and get back to people in a more timely manner.
There WAS a post about being able to contact Admin Becky (who is now laid off) and customer service (I was told some of the CS people were also laid off). I have continued to hear reports from my fellow Cricut friends that it is still taking upwards of 30 minutes of being on hold even to get through to Customer Service.

*I asked about how cartridges were chosen for the Circle Exclusive cartridges. There HAVE been many a focus group and they decided on topics for Circle cartridges using info gathered from polls and focus groups. They know that many of us do not want gender specific cartridges and have taken that into consideration when planning out the next cartridges. I know they can’t please everyone, but they have been trying to get better with their cartridge choices for the Circle.
I was told that the next Circle Cartridge was going to be a Pop-UP cards cartridge. Well that was the truth. But what they failed to tell me was that there were TWO Pop-UP cards cartridges and the one that the Circle members got was REALLY UGLY (there were pop ups of buildings? That is just plain strange to me!). I have heard from people who went and bought the one that is available for purchase and they said it is hard to put the pop ups together and even then, they look really bad. The cartridges did not come with assembly directions for the pop ups and people are regretting their purchases.

*Due to all the lead times that go into designing and producing cartridges, the old logos are currently the ones already on the Cricut Everyday cartridge. They do know that some of us are upset about not having the brand new logos on the cartridge, BUT they are trying to think of ways to make it right for us. (And I am sure some Gypsy users can design the new logos somehow).

*The reason live chat has not been done is there have been security issues with trying to keep it private for Circle members only. This is actually being dealt with and they are trying to get the live chat up and running.
Still haven’t heard of any live chats. . .

*Webinars: Contracts are in the works with some fun and exciting people and more webinars are coming soon.
They are having a free Cricut Cake webinar. . . I think it is probably only free because the Cricut Cakes haven’t been selling like they had expected them to sell. Plus this webinar was for everyone.

*Some much anticipated Circle things are in the works and should be happening in the very near future and if they actually do what I was told that they are trying to do, I will be a happy camper and very much consider re-joining the Circle. I can’t give specifics, but when I heard some of the things I was told, I got really happy for my fellow Circle friends because FINALLY things are coming!!!!
Yeah, I think I was lied to. I haven’t heard of any improvements. On the contrary, I have heard of many other members quitting because nothing has gotten better.

*About those 3rd party softwares. . . they said “No Comment”.

Anyway, so I am going to be editing my previous post about PC with some updated info. I am pleased with the outcome of my conversation.

Looking back on my conversation, I feel like a fool for believing ANYTHING they told me. It was all talk. I feel that they lied to me and said whatever because they wanted to make me shut up. Well, it didn’t work because I am madder than ever BECAUSE I was lied to! 

They have laid off of people, their Customer Service is still completely awful for a lot of people. And they have been making more and more of their customers upset. They do NOT listen to the people they should listen to, which is the people who BUY THINGS FROM THEM!!

A complaining customer is giving a company a present because at least they care enough to even complain. MOST customers will not complain, they will simply never buy a product again!! Well, I do care, I will continue to care. I have a heck of a lot of money invested in my Cricut products and I want things to change for the better.

I have been more than patient, I waited and waited and waited for things to change and nothing changed for the better. Things just continued to get worse.

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9 thoughts on “My Meeting with ProvoCraft

  1. I found your blog tonight after I mentioned my boycott of Provocraft in another online group. The owner of the group informed us that a page was on FB and that she didn’t want her name mentioned there as she is a vendor for PC (I had the feeling she was directing some of the note to me-my posting never showed up in the digest). I have nothing to do with the FB page and just now found it. I think I will join it even tho my boycotts tend to just be ME and no one else. I wrote about my boycott 4 years ago but it has been going on far longer than that. I will come back and visit your blog soon. I added it to my reader. Worth the stop for the doggie pix!

  2. I sent you an email and forwarded your info to every PC email address I could find. I am so sorry that you have had so many problems just getting what you needed. I hope they will fix this for you!

  3. Do you have any ideas how I can get any sort of response from PC. I have been trying to get a replacement power cable for my (UK) Cricut. I have emailed several times (no response), then weeks after my first email I got a standard reply saying someone would get back to me. That was last September. I’m still waiting. I’ve called the US helpline and after waiting 30 mins and spending a fortune on the call they gave me the Europe helpline no (why can’t they put this on the website to save us calling the US for it?). After probably about 20 calls to them I am no further on, they keep saying they are waiting for stock. In desperation I wrote to the CEO of Provocraft 2 months ago. No reply at all – I wrote again about 3 weeks ago. NOTHING! What do I need to do just to get a new power cable?!! If you know of anyway that I can get someone to help me, please let me know. I am tempted to go on every single review site I can think of and share my bad experience as I am just utterly exasperated. I’ve never come across such poor service before, and I’ve certainly never not received a reply when writing to a CEO.

  4. Thank you for posting this information, I found your site through the MB, good to know that PC was willing to speak with customers on an individual basis to solve issues. Do you live in UT, is that how you were able to have a meeting with them?

  5. well sound like you got some great answers, but I will be waiting to see what happens…seems like they always tell us that good stuff is in the works, but they don’t always deliver…so I am hopeful but also realistic

  6. I am still wary of them. I am also skeptical – I think that they told you what you wanted to hear. I am not entirely convinced that they actually care about their customers, but just want to do only as much as is necessary to keep them quiet (but not necessarily happy). I hope that things work out. But as for me, I will use my original bug and the cartridges that I have. But I do not intend to add any money to their coffers.

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